Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Steppin' In A Time Zone"

With everything changing so much in this increasingly faster paced world, it's nice to see something staying basically the same for a good 60-70 years.

Such is the case with the wrappers on "Tootsie Pops". The images displayed upon them are still of children playing games such as "marbles" and tennis; they're riding ponies dressed in cowboy outfits or riding in a hand-built "soap-box" racer. Obviously these wrappers were designed in the 1930-40's, and each scene upon them look like something out of a Hal Roach "Our Gang" short. I'm gonna miss that if they ever change it.

'Course, the price has changed since I first ate one in the mid-1950's; they were 2 cents back then, and now cost a dime (5 times as much).

On another subject today, Lexmark has finally lost me as a customer for good now. I got hold of a bad ink cartridge a little over a month ago and never got a chance to return it, so I went by Wallyworld today to just buy me another one of their "disposible" printers for my pc. Lexmark printers only cost around thirty-some bucks and come with starter cartridges anyway. To purchase new cartridges you have to pay at least $30. a shot, so it's just as cheap to throw the old printer out and get a new one.

The last one I bought was a Z25, and so I wanted another. I was told that it was no longer available; the company had stopped making that model!

Well, quite frankly, this pisses me off! You see, the first Lexmark I bought was the Z11, and after it finally wore out I went to buy a new one of that, just to be told the same thing, and here I was stuck with GOOD ink cartridges, and nothing to use them in. Now, they're telling me the supposingly newer model is discontinued as well? That's BS, folks.

Looks like I'll be spending a little more on a different company's printer; one that when the cartridges go dry I only have to spend 1/3rd. as much for a new cartridge, and I'll throw this old useless piece of junk in the garbage can (where it belongs).


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