Saturday, August 06, 2005

"Changing The Subject, Here..."

You know, I had this really long-winded historical/political blog post I was going to post, but decided against it. Really, what the hell do I really know about politics anyway? And thinking about it all, it's really not very important. The situations in the world have been and will always be the same as it ever was. besides I'd probably just piss a lot of people off with my viewpoint,so, enough about that.

I'll completely change the subject and comment on the Justice League Unlimited from tonight instead. In fact, I've already blogged a post about this episode a while back, but it was just sooo darn good! It's the one where Captain Marvel was in The League and he and Superman have this terrific battle with sound effects that really place you on the scene! Captain Marvel really translates wonderfully into animated form!

Starting out with Metamorpho fighting The Parasite and Elongated Man already defeated and lying on the ground unconscious and Batman actually calling League Headquarters to ask The Martian Manhunter for some back-up help, this episode was strong throughout.

And I like the extra little stuff they pour into this animated series, such as the cameo of Green Arrow and The Black Canary sitting at a table in the back of the JLA rec' room, or of "Fire and Ice" walking down the HQ corridor. "Billy Batson" was drawn very faithfully to the original Golden Age C.C. Beck version, and it was this particular episode that set the underlying theme for the whole current season.

Things I'd like to see in future new episodes? How about the team of " Dr. Fate, the Spectre, The Phantom Stranger and Zantanna " taking on a mystical villian? Neither The Spectre , or The Stranger have been shown in the series so far, so I think that'd be pretty neat.

Or how about a team-up with "Captain Atom, The Blue Beetle and The Question"? An all-Charlton hero fest! There's so many possibilities still to be explored with this series.

'Shame the new Batman animated series isn't as good. I think I've finally gotten a little more used to that angular face drawn on the character, but I'm far from satisfied with the way some of his villians are depicted (especially "The Joker").


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