Monday, September 19, 2005

"An Addition to: 9/15/05"

Remember how I griped about those historic signs being painted over with that horrendous green paint a couple posts back? Recall how I wondered why no one in our city's government did anything about preserving them and saving that particular piece of history? Well, today I discovered there's a reason for that.

Come to find out that our town doesn't own that piece of land (but they'd like to) on which the monuments which contain those signs at all, but rather by one of the local rich dicks. In fact, when I heard which real dick it was, it was like, Say no more!, because that person could care less about our local heritage; just as long as a buck can be made off of it for her. In fact, it was her family that sold all the area for the local Cave Karst Museum. It wouldn't surprize me either to discover that the area for the proposed City Park isn't owned by that family as well.

And the following statement won't mean a thing to anyone who isn't from here locally or recalls all the great picnics, social gatherings and family reunions the locals used to be able to enjoy at Mammoth Onyx Cave, but with what I hear of "current events", I'm sure that "Dr. Poe is turning in his grave".


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