Monday, September 12, 2005

"We Were Ranting Along..."

Wanted to let know know that I've fixed this blog site where anyone (and not "just" fellow bloggers) can comment on my posts. Why I hadn't done this before is beyond me. Just never came to mind. However, to prevent automatic spamming in the comments (which has happened 3 different times this week) I'd added a notification factor where one has to copy a specific set of numbers or letters. This will make it where, if someone tries to auto spam, cannot. Comments on posts are "just that" to anyone who's reading this and thinking about spamming my readers (and myself as well).I do not appreciate spam, and won't tollerate it. If it's done purposely, I'll immediately delete your post and contact the blogger home site and report such.

And with that out of the way, is anyone else here really tired of "trash" t.v.? I'm talking about Reality Shows in partciular, such as Wife Swap where they take two total opposites and let them live for a while with each others' families? Like the women, one with manners and another without. Do you really want "Jerry Springer" type shows to fill Prime Time? Didn't we learn that such shows are a total waste of time from the old "Joe Pine" shows of the 1960's? Can we turn the dial (or, maybe that's out-dated a bit: can we use the remote) and watch "something"...anything more entertaining than this on night time t.v.? Or, how's about we just turn the set completely off, spend more time with our families, read a good book, listen to good music or do something more constructive with our lives and give the networks that promote such garbage the message that our intelligence is higher than a chimp.

And---while we're at it---let's tell "the networks" that we neither need shows considered "World's Funniest Videos" which show rather discusting scenes of people vomiting, slobbering or any of a number of other stomach-turning activities being shown, in particular around the time we may have just finished an evening's meal.

BTW, just loved the way the head of FEMA was fired recently. Always nice to know our government is constantly on the lookout for a scape-goat to blame problems on rather than putting the fault on someone higher up.

And too it'd be nice if pro sporting events were started perhaps an hour earlier so that some of us that actually have to work for a living and would really like to listen to the local news broadcasts could do so before they went to bed. Personally I have to get up early each day to make a living and can't afford to wait until nearly midnight to find out what the local news was for the day.

And..what else can I rant about today. Maybe the cost natural gas will be this Winter. Reports are that it'll be as much as 71% higher to heat this time around if we use such heating fuel. Unfortunately, I happen to be one of those, so I guess I'll be paying higher electric heating bills this time around. Some of this can't be helped, I know; part of the problem with fuel costs being high is due to the recent tragedies of "Katrina". Of course...if we were to stop fighting a war that cannot possibly be won and used such finances to help our own people here at home, it would help. I'm in full support of our service men overseas and elsewhere, but I do not currently fully support our foreign war involvements (and this is coming from someone who is basically conservative Republican).

So much for the rants. Autumn's quickly coming upon us with the first layer of leaves covering the yard, sidewalks and gullies/gutters. It "would be nice" if we had Seasons again, but for the past few years the temperatures have gone from one extreme to the other. I miss long-sleave weather to do yard work. The slight coolness of oncoming Winter helped to keep me sweating like a hog (not that I wouldn't mind having a very mild Winter for a change around here as the past couple have been terribly cold). Ah, well...


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