Saturday, September 03, 2005


So much has been already said and written regarding the tremendous trajedies caused by Hurricane Katrina that I feel I can add little more. However, I do wish to warn everyone that when you make donations for the causes of its victims to be sure you donate to reputable charities (especially if you're making cash donations) so it will be actually used to help those in need. And remember that blood donations are always needed. Also beware of e-mail scams that are already out there by a bunch of sickos trying to make that buck off of the sorrows of others.

And...on to otherthings.

Congratulations to fellow blogger "Robby Reed" on his 100th. Blog Post! You can read his blog by either clicking on the link at the bottom right column titled: Dial B For Blog, or by simply clicking HERE. (And, I'd like to thank him for adding my own "Beatles & Bizarros" blog to his own links!) You always do a great job, Robby!

Since the rain has moved on out of this area we've ended up with some just beautiful weather today; temps in the mid 80's, clear skies and wonderful sleeping weather at nights where we haven't had to run either the AC or the fans. Maybe what we're saving in the electric bill will help make up what we're losing on the gasoline prices! Been out mowing today, but that'll soon be over as well, for with cooler temperatures comes a change of season and Autumn is just around the corner. Of course, then I'll be mulching, raking and hauling off leaves, instead.

Time do fly and this year is quickly coming to a close here with less than 4 months until Christmas, and this being Labor Day weekend. I know that things will definately be slower where I work. Between the current economy and gas prices, people just are staying closer to home rather than making that last grand trip before the close of Summer. We usually have three people per day in the retail store where I work, and that's been cut back to just two now. A couple of the employees will be returning to school, but I don't think my employer will add others to take their place; probably just work us "regulars" extra days. In fact, this is the first day I've had off after working six days straight.

Haven't bought or gotten in much lately in the way of new comics. Haven't won anything on auction bids. In fact, I've cut way back on that. I did purchase a collection of 130 misc. issues of Nexus from a friend that needed a little extra cash. It consists of the first 80 issues of the Capitol/First Nexus title and full runs and all one-shots, plus the three issues of the Capitol Publications Nexus Magazine in which the character made his initial appearance. I always liked Mike Baron's work and the first 50 or so issues of the comic are beautifully drawn by Steve Rude, as well as some of the mini-series and one-shots, plus the mags. Fortunately I currently only had about 10 or so Nexus comics around, so I had few duplicates in the lot.

My wife and a couple of her friends are going in together to rent a small building space for a "Crafts & Crap" sorta store. Just an outlet to sell her crafts and put some flea market stuff in as well in the hope we can unload a bunch of it. I know for certain I have at least 300 comic book duplicates and probably that many paperbacks I can stick in there to sell for a quarter each and help make some room around here. Plus, after we took everything down and boxed it up to paint the living room this year we still have all of that stuff that my wife has decided she doesn't want back in that particular room cluttering it up, so there's more stuff, too. With what all we have in the storage building and other places I'm certain we won't have to worry about any "stock".

Have a safe Labor Day!


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