Friday, September 30, 2005

"Things That Come Around---"

And the ol' counter on this page says: OVER 5,000 hits. That only encourages me more, you know (*heh*).

This is already the last day of September; do YOU know where YOUR Autumnal Equinox is?

(Okay...the post..)

'Sfunny how "things" can get around. Way back when the Batman & Robin flick came out (you remember; the really BAD one with "Mr. Freeze"), I remembered seeing a copy of Batman #121 ( of "Mr.Zero/Freeze") at a local antique store for ten bucks. That'd been a pretty decent deal had not this issue been missing both the cover and first wrap of pages. In fact, I mentioned it to a friend and he told me that he himself "might" go buy it 'cause he knew a guy that'd probably give him more than that even in its pitiful condition ('cause that guy was a Batman collector).

Unfortunately, the antique store owner had sold what comics she had in a lot before my friend could get back to her, and that comic along with the others she had sorta all disappeared into the oblivion of who-knows-what-collection-somewhere.

Then yesterday when I went downtown to get a haircut I decided I'd drop by the new pawn shop across the street and finally check it out. Naturally one of the first things I ask in such places is whether they have any old comics for sale. The owner drags out this box of mostly low grade bronze-age books,mixed with some (crap) modern and I go thru them to find that very same comic within. I pull out a "good"condition copy of Marvel's Werewolf by Night #32 (first app. of "Moon Knight") and that coverless, page missin' Batman and the guy charges me 3 bucks for them both. (Go figure.)

Said he'd bought them at a local auction. But it is strange how comics can "get around". I have sold a comic to a person in California, and a couple years later find it at a store 30 miles away and know for a fact it's the very same comic! Some comics must have an adventure to tell that'd be greater than Gullivar's Travels IF you only knew "the story".

And that's not the only times this has happened to me. I looked at a comic once in a comic shop a good 35 miles away and passed on it because it was well overpriced and missing the back cover. Later on, I found a copy of that comic for sale on an auction, bidded on it and won it for about a third of what the shop had it priced. When it arrived and I inspected it, I discovered it to be the same copy, BUT with an unattached back cover added! And it was the correct back cover for the book (due to some research I did)! There was no mistakening it to be the same copy, but the guy I bought it from was in Oklahoma, and I in Kentucky! How'd it get there? Who added the cover? Strange, strange, strange...

Unfortunately, the comics I'd really like to find again, I never have. Such as my original copies of either Amazing Fantasy #15, OR, Fantastic Four #1. But I know they are out there "somewhere" just awaiting for me to rediscover and bring them back home by me identifying the small letters "D.P." typed on the inside front covers of each.
So... Have Faith, "boys"...Daddy's STILL lookin'!


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