Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday, Tuesday"

Finally got away from this town today and finished up most of my family Christmas shopping. Also, the guy at one of the pawn shops called and said he'd brought over another "long" box of comics that were 15 for $5., so I bought $15. worth of them. Some of the highlights this time were: Astonishing tales w/Kazar 18, Deadman LS (1986) 1-4, Green Arrow:The Longbow Hunters LS 1-3, Shadowman (one of the better Valiant titles) 1-5, plus some issues of Vertigo titles like Moonshadow, Mobfire, Millenium Fever, & other stuff. Said he still had three more such boxes for me to look thru next time around.

Also got out in the yard and raked for what I hope will truely be the last time this year. Still need to clean out a few gutters, though. And I noticed while I was out there inspecting around the house, that some of the wood's getting old and rotting in places that'll definately have to be a Spring-thing for repair once it turns back warm weather again.

Noticed by the ol' counter down there on the bottom right that this page has now surpassed 6,000 hits. Interesting, 'cause I know I haven't viewed it(personally) for a 1,000 of those, so it has indeed been viewed at least 5,000 times. Just "who" is reading this drivel beats the hell outta me! (Well, okay, I DO know at least one or two people that are, actually.)

My father seems a lot better here recently since his doctors took him off of some of his medication. Seems like his medicines were just too strong for his system. He now seems to have much more energy and is getting around much better. He gave us quite a scare there for a few weeks.

Looks like I'll have at least 6 days in a role to pull straight this week at work unless the boss wises up to the fact that I'll have mega-OT and sends me home early, or gives me an extra day off. I know I'm on the schedule the rest of the month, then it's my weekend to work, followed by Monday when I do my ordering for the retail section. About the only day she can take me off the schedule will be Friday and then she'll have to have someone else do the ordering FOR me that day. Looks like a rough week ahead anyway I see it, and especially here at Christmas Season when we're twice as busy.

No mail today, unfortunately, and I was sorta hoping for some more of the ABComics I've won on auctions to arrive. Seems like the mail (or the sellers) get slower all the time.


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