Saturday, January 07, 2006

Just Can't Watch Them Anymore"

I noticed today that the TV Land Channel is going to show like a full day of "All In The Family" episodes celebrating, I think, it's 35th. Anniversary. I find that I just can't watch those anymore, although when that show originally broadcast back in the 70's, I wouldn't miss an episode.

I think it's because I find the themes expressed in the episodes just too outdated these days. During it's hayday, AITF hit on every topic they could from racism to women's rights, to the presidency to The Viet Nam War. We'd laugh...sometimes a little nervously perhaps because even back then we thought it was a bit too "politically incorrect" to find humor in a bigot like "Archie Bunker", but so very much of that time has changed that to watch such is like trying to recapture a part of our own past.

These days as well, I find it difficult to watch hardly anything from before the 1990's in the way of tv shows. Old films are fine, because they're classics and don't bother me. Most are timeless. But Donna Reed in her pretty dress, or Robert Young in his "work suit", Mary Tyler Moore in her tight dancing pants or Tom Hanks doing his "cross-dressing", just doesn't get it for me anymore, it's probably sad to say.


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