Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Happy Birthday, Elvis!"

Today, had Elvis Presley lived, he'd been 71 years old.

Unlike many famous people that when I heard of their deaths I could now tell you exactly where I was at the time, Elvis is different. I do know that I was living in Bowling Green, KY. at the time, and I do recall it was a pretty bad Winter with lots of snow and ice.

I think that's because I didn't have a tv that worked well back then and listened more to my favorite lp's at night, so I rarely heard current news and it wasn't until at least the next day that someone mentioned it to me.

The following weeks I remember better, when everyone and their brother was trying to cash in on his death with everything from posters, to jewelry with his likeness, to the ever sick National Enquirer which showed him in his coffin.

Elvis may have treated himself badly towards the end of his own life, but the vultures certainly have treated him worse since. Still, his immortal music and millions of fans live on as a wonderful tribute to this pioneer of rock & roll.

Best to ya, "King".


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