Thursday, February 23, 2006

"And, Along..."

Well, It would appear that not just one person won that big Powerball Jackpot last Saturday Night, but rather a number of people who had gone it together and bought tickets. According to what I've read, each will clear around $15 Million each. I could live with that.

No real news today, nothing in the mail. Just a very hectic and busy for me at work. This morning driving there around 7AM, the fog was so thick you couldn't see 50 ft. ahead of you. But that burned off quickly and temperatures got upwards to the 50's with a cool wind. Tomorrow's supposed to be more of the same so maybe I can finally get over to look through those several long boxes of modern type comics I was supposed to have looked through Tuesday.

As well, tomorrow's payday for me and I'll have to go by to get that, and "whatever" other things rear their heads for me to take care of, so I can see a full day ahead.


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