Friday, March 03, 2006

"Here At Last!"

My father-in-law will get to come back to the city where he lives this Sunday, which is 40+ miles closer for us to go visit with him. He'll have to stay at a Rehab Center for a while. He's doing much better, but still pretty sore. They're starting him back on solid diet and he's been walking quite a bit, sitting up, sitting in a chair, etc. Still has a way to go yet though before he can return home and back to his old routines.

And, just to sorta set the record straight, I did win that copy of Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #12 that I posted last time, which is "why" I posted the pic (otherwise I wouldn't just lift one from somebody's on-going auction). Just in case anyone was wondering...

Well. It's finally the weekend, and the one I'm off work. Thank goodness, 'cause it's been one looonnngggg week at work. I'm determined to get out of this town this weekend, and not just sit around here watching the tube or on the computer all the time. I really need a change of scenery.

Was sort of hoping that lot of "Mr. Monster's" would be awaiting me in the mail today, but no such luck. Boarded another 50 or so comics. Still need about that many to catch up on the ones without.

The local flea markets haven't started up much yet. The indoor one stays open all year, but nothing new going on at it save that it's under new ownership now, and he won't open it until 1PM on Sundays and 9AM all other days, so it'll be rare that I visit it on the weekends any more.

Over on "Robby Reed's" Dial B For Blog site the other day, he told about how a character that appeared in two issues of DC's early bronze title From Beyond the Unknown contained a redone story that was supposed to have been a Showcase issue tryout for the Mattel character, "Matt Mason". Oddly enough, I personally collect issues of that title and had just won the second (and last) app. of such (he was in #'s 7 & 8; already had a #7). Interesting article regarding this for those who have the time to click on that link and read it.


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