Friday, February 24, 2006

" 2/24 Follow-Up"

I try not to harbor ill feelings towards people, but there are the select few that I'd just as well take a ball pein hammer to at times (at least in my fantasies). Case in point, one pawn shop owner who had called and told me to go through those several boxes of modern-type comics.

So today I made a special trip over to see them, and when I came into the shop, I noticed they were gone. I asked her where they were and she said she'd sold them all to one person. She never called me to save me a trip although she had my telephone number (and it wasn't long distance), my name as well as my e-mail address, and I had told her more than once if she'd decided to sell all of them at one time to definately give me a call. But, she didn't. She just wasted my time.

Needless to say, I was a bit more than simply pissed about this.

So much so, that in the little antique shop that joins the building I could have bought a complete 1964 "Give-A-Show Projector" set, AND, a 1952 "Disney Peter Pan Fun Book", both for just twenty bucks. But I was so irritated about the comics, I just passed and left before my temper got the best of me.

In fact, my wife was with me and wanted to stop at Wallyworld. I put a dollar's worth of quarters into their lobby machine for some "Simpson's stickers", and that ripped me off (with no sign saying Out of Order, or Empty. So, I just went back and sat in the car. Didn't even buy a couple of action figures that interested me. The whole day just soured me on buying anything at all.


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