Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Nearly Thanksgiving"

In the mail today I got another comic for my Superman's Secret Weapon Collection: Jimmy Olsen #40. And in case you're not familiar with what I term this collection, it's app.'s of Supergirl that were in various DC Comic titles PRE Action 285 (2/62) in which Superman introduced his cousin to the world.

The Jimmy is, in fact, a very early app. of The Maid of Steel; perhaps her 5th. or 6th. as she debuted in Action 252 (2/59) and this issue is dated 5 months later at 10/59.

To my knowledge, there were 50 such pre-285 app.'s of Supergirl as follows: ACTION COMICS 252 thru 284, ADVENTURE COMICS #278, SUPERMAN 130,134,139,140,142,144,150, J.OLSEN 40,44 thru 46, 48,50,52, SUPERBOY 80, and LOIS LANE 14 (but I may have missed an app. in WORLD'S FINEST, there). I looked over on the "Grand Comics Data Base" at the covers from the above mentioned titles, and out of the 50 I could only state definately that there were 10 of those (or less) that I've never owned at one time or another. Early 1960's DC's were a stable in my house as a kid, and I was fortunate enough to read maybe 55-65% of anything published by them from '59 to '62 due to my late brother purchasing comics (something of which I'm forever grateful).

Another comic I received with the J.Olsen, was a copy of The Flash V1 #229 (from 1974) which is one of those early to mid 70's DC 100 Page Super-Spectaculars. What great Giants those are! Just chocked full of silver-age and golden-age reprints, plus some new material. For instance, this one had a new x-over of the GA Flash, then a couple of silver-age reprints with Kid Flash and Green Lantern, and finally a couple of golden-age reprints with the GA Flash and Johnny Quick. (The latter was especially impressive sporting Mort Meskin art.) And all for fifty cents! Whadda deal!

In other news, my mother had to have a skim removed from one of her eyes today. He had a cataract removed a month or so back and, as normal, a skim always grows back and must be taken off as well. Next month she'll go back to have the other eye worked on.

My father-in-law is recuppin' well after breaking his leg a couple weeks back. Currently he's in the rehab center across from the hospital.

I went down and emptied the leaves from my folks rain gutters today on my day off, then came home and did the same for mine. This concludes any "yard work" for the year. I also put some boards up covering the crawl-space under the house to keep out the oncoming low temperatures. Just getting things ready for the few cold months ahead.

Really glad to hear what's happening with the O.J. situation! What horribly bad taste all of that was to begin with! Tough hearing about the deal with Michael Richards, but hey! "You give a dance, you gotta pay the band", and I'm sure this will put the whompum on any soon proposed Seinfeld reunion show now (shame).

And, finally, click over on the "My Unpublished Work" link on the top right column for a NEW "Mike Stripe" adventure!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


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