Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"The Forgotten Crisis"

"When Earth-One and Earth-Two come together, their destruction will release the energy I need to make a perfectly spendid new planet--"

"Look, we know there are an infinite number of existences...countless worlds like our own existing simultaneously..."

"Again it happens...the dimensions brush, momentarily lock...and for a mind-chilling instant, the people of Earth-two waver into sight..."

Sound really familiar?'re aren't reading quotes from the DC Crisis on Infinite Earth limited series. This story all took place a good 15 years before in the pages of Justice League of America #83 (Sept., 1970 issue).

It's a bit of a forgotten "crisis" story these days. In fact, in the story it's actually mentioned AS a Crisis). The entire premise being that an alien called "Creator ("squared")" decided to do this, and it involved "The Black Canary" being its focus-point, so much so that if he succeeded, she would perish!

Naturally, this was a Justice SOCIETY cross-over issue, and "Dr. Fate" called upon the help of "The Spectre" to try to keep the worlds apart.

The end results: Dr. Fate destroyed the "Creator's" ship, Black Canary lives, but the force of the explosion destroys The Spectre ( it actually desolves and seperates his atoms and he's released finally into the "rest' of the unknown afterlife).

Of course, you can't keep a good ghost down and The Spectre was back haunting around in The DC Universe a couple years later in the pages of Adventure Comics.

In the mid 1980's, The Spectre was given a rather under-played role (I always thought) in the prevention of another Crisis; the one most fans know, but it's interesting that this idea was used, and played upon before, and then, in a more lengthly version, so many years apart.


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