Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The DC Comics Limited Series (and, yes, I do have to call it limited since there's only going to be a specific number of them), 52 is probably the most important continuous storyline presented by this company.

Granted, that's quite a risky statement for me to make, but I'm going to go out on a limb here because I honestly feel that the changes to various characters will be far-reaching. I also feel that the recapping of misc. DC heroes' origins, plus their attempt to tie-in all of the previous history of the company and bring together the loose ends will not only eliminate some confusion for their readers, but acquire a good number of new fans as well.

There's simply a LOT of good writing going on here, with some unexpected twists and turns. Storylines include the following:

Animal Man, Starfire and Adam Strange's attempt to return to earth from an Eden-like planet, where they run into Lobo, who has now turned pacifist and is the leader of a religious organization.

The "Everyman" story where Lex Luthor is able to given super powers to any ordinary human.

The final saga of Booster Gold (and what's more interesting may be developements involving is robotic "helper") and the introduction of the character"SuperNova".

The physical changes that occure with John Steel and his relationship with his daughter.

Doc Magnus' attempts of reviving The Metal Men, and his abduction.

Ralph Digby (aka: "The Elongated Man") and his mental state, and his attempts to revive his dead wife, Sue. Plus his association with the helmet of Dr. Fate, and his meeting with The Spectre.

The introduction of the new Batwoman and her sexual preferences.

The involvement of The Question and his health issues.

The introduction of a new "Isis' and her marriage to Black Adam, the Big Red Cheeze's part in this drama and Isis's search for her lost brother.

And that was all just in the first 28 issues! So very much going on here, and hardly a sign of any of DC's big three (Supes, Bats or Wonder Woman) or the rest of the major JLA characters save in some flashbacks (although Clark Kent does play a role in some early issues). Which, to me, shows you can make any of the DC characters interesting given decent writers such as Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka.

If you're a DC fan and miss this series, you'll hate yourself. Buy up the back issues, or at least, wait for the proverbial TPB collections and snatch up those. It's fun!
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