Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Reviews, and Stuff"

Is it just me, or did "George W's" address last night sound a LOT like LBJ's philosophy, that the only way to end the conflict in Viet Nam was to step UP the bombings? I dunno... I certainly don't think there was any real surprizes in his speach since his intentions had already been leaked out a few days ago.

Let's see...lots of things...Yvonne DeCarlo passed away at age 84, which was more than a surprize to me since, like some others, I didn't even know she was still alive! Oh course she did a LOT more than just play Lily on the 60's t.v. sitcom, "The Munsters" (which you can see by clicking onto the link). Like Uma said in "Pulp Fiction", you're either "an Elvis guy, or a Beatles guy, but you can't like both of them equally". You can like them both, but when it comes right down to it, there's one you prefer over the other. Thus it was with "The Munsters". I was actually more of a fan of "The Addams Family", but it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the show or that I haven't seen every episode (as well as the two feature flicks made from it) at some time or another in the past 40+ years.

And Bowie turned 60...the l.p. record turned 60 years old as well with the first 14"'er being introduced in 1947.

So much for that; here's "Puck's Comic Reads", that is, new comics I've picked up lately and some thoughts about them.

Teen Titans Go! (DC) #38 (2/07) features the "Return of The MAD MOD!", which you just know is going to feature some Beatles' referances. This one didn't disapoint and I found several which have been added to my "Beatles and Bizarros" blog site (link on the list to the right). Fun issue!

The Immortal Iron Fist lmt. series (Marvel) #2 (2007) continues "The Last Iron Fist" story (sure...). Well... the art's nice.

52 (DC) Week 34 (12-27-06) features the death of two different DC characters, one of which (if you've read my previous blog reviews of comics) was expected. Not to ruin it for those who haven't read this, but it's yet another Ditko-based character from the 1960's (The Blue Beetle being the other one that's been killed off and re-done). With DC having the Charlton Comics rights these days, it's beginning to make to wonder if this isn't a plan to distance themselves from any previous version of said characters so they can be made over in The DC image? The back-up 2 pager's nice; "The Origin of Zatanna", with Brian Bolland art.

Justice League of America (DC) #5 (2/07) features the old GA character/villian, "Solomon Grundy", who's now smart and dresses rather well. Reminds me of that period where Peter David and Dale Keown were doing the "Hulk" book and had the green-guy intelligent. The original JLA is in this issue as well. This is the first issue I've picked up of the new series. not bad.

Superman Confidential (DC) #2 (2/07) is a pretty book, with that distinct Tim Sale artwork, but like the first issue, seems to be all glamour and no meat to the story.

and finally...

Supergirl (DC) #13 (2/07) where she meets "Powerboy". Now here's where I need some explanation as to what the hell's going on in The DC Universe these days with this character? I thought she was in the future with "The Legion", but here she is in current time as well. (What's the scoop, sumbodi?). The usual fare with this title. Meet some villians, beat them up. It's okay.

Later, folks.


At 5:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if you listen to what W said, we are going to send in more help to Iraq and this will enable us to leave sooner (date unknown) if the Iraqis stand up. If the Iraqis don't stand up we are going to withdraw support (date unknown). Now this sort of sounds like by a certain date we will leave because either A) the Iraqis don't need us, or B) the Iraqis won't take responsibility. Except he assures everyone there will be consequences if the Iraqis don't stand up but they don't include our leaving. Not an open-ended commitment though. Now I have no idea what all that means. I just know this administration does not like target dates or even target definitions. And I do note one other thing. W seems to assume that if Iraq is a democracy it will join us in the war against terror. Well Palestine is a democracy now and they haven't joined us. Is he really saying we will stay until they elect a government we like that will join us in the WAT (war against terror)? And if that is what he is saying, is that democracy at all?

At 4:38 PM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

Amen, Steve. I don't think you could have summed that up any better.


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