Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Autumn Ends"

Seems like all I do on these blog posts these days is report obituaries. This past week, as I'm sure most of you already know, we lost part of what e was about everyone's childhood memories with the passing of Mr. Joseph Barbera. There's way too many great cartoon memories to even touch upon produced from him.

And, here we are on the last day of Fall. Weather here in South-Central, KY. hasn't been that bad, so far. Of course, our worst times don't seem to arrive until January and February, but like most "adults" (who could care less than a rat's a$$ about snow), I'm hoping for a very mild and dry Winter.

In other things, I recently got turned down for a job at the local Marzetti Plant. I figured that I probably didn't have much of a chance of getting it . Such factories really want someone in their early to mid-20's, & extremely healthy (where they don't have to worry about actually paying out their health benefits). At my age (55 1/2) there's a considerable amount of age prejudice. They know that I can only work maybe 10-15 years before retirement, and there's possibilities of "something" happening to me health-wise. By not hiring me, tho', they lose an employee with an excellant attendance and work record. But...they just don't see it that way. Instead they hire some kid that works for a while, gets his wallet full of money (since he doesn't have any real bills save maybe that huge, expensive pickup truck he's in debt for), that most of the time isn't sober and will lay out or be late for work half the time, and sees all of his friends out loafing around and having a good time without jobs . They think that there's always another youngster that can easily take his place. This, of course, takes a decent job away from an older person who is responcible and really needs the affordable health care.

But...that's life.

Got off a little early from my own job the other day and decided to go by a new collectables shop here locally and look thru the guy's l.p.s. Found These two interesting albums. I though This was the most interesting thing about those. I consider this my "good deal" of the month. It also makes autographs that I have now of around 5 different people who were associated with "Star Trek' series.

Got a set...well...nearly a set of those Spider-man Collectible Series Newspaper Reprint Inserts that have been printed in the past few months: 1 thru 9, 11 thru 14. It takes me from Amazing Fantasy 15 thru Amazing Spider-man 6, plus half way thru #7 (as each issue reprints half an issue at a time). All Steve Ditko artwork, and when he was at his best. It's interesting to note that in #6 of this series the reprint is the first half of the "Doctor Octopus" battle from ASP-Man #3, and they've left the "typo" in it where Doc calls Spiderman, Superman!

And, well, Christmas, 2006 is nearly upon us. My wife went to see her dad today, but I stayed home waiting for a plumber to come fix a leaky bathtub faucet, and besides, I'm still about halfway puny from an on-going cold. Really it was good I didn't go. This gives her a chance to finish buying "whatever" she wants to get me as a Christmas present, and also gave ME the opportunity to wrap up hers.

So, I need to wish everyone Happy Holidays no matter what your choice of religion may be. I hope it's a great one for all.


At 6:04 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

Hey, Dave!

Sorry about the Marzetti thing. I don't think they're all that interested in hiring many of the locals anyway, from what I'm hearing! Some boon to Hart Co.!

Since I'm off for a while, I might try to drop by if everybody else doesn't have other plans for me...if I don't, happy holidays to ya!


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