Sunday, December 31, 2006

"The Year-End Count"

As with the end of each year I take inventory on how much I have spent on comic books and how many I have acquired. I do not count the following: duplicates, Trade Paperbacks - hardcovers - comic book related paperbacks, or Comic book oriented action figures, toys & memorabilia, magazines, etc. These figure are just for regular-type comics. 2006 I spent a total of: $2, 625.95. I acquired: 2, 086 comics.

Of these I got only 1 Golden-Ager, but 105 Silver-Agers, 199 Bronze comics and the remainder of 1, 781 were Modern titles.

(This amount is up by $661.18 from 2005 when I spent just $1, 964.77 on comics and aquired 3, 491; so I got 1, 405 LESS comics this year than last.)

My average cost per book this year was $1.25.8 cents per, whereas LAST year my average cost per comic was just .56.2 cents per book.

I completed the following sets:

Blue Beetle (DC/1980's),
Blue Devil (DC/1980's),
John Bryne's Next Men (Dark Horse/1990's),
Mr. Monster (Eclipse/1980's),
The L.A.W. (DC/2000's),
Black Lightning (DC/1970's),
Secrets of The Legion (DC/1980's),
Doc Savage (Marvel/1970's),
The Freedom Fighters (DC/1970's),
Spider-man India (Marvel/2000's),
Doom Patrol (DC/ALL 4 different series from the 1960's, 1990's and 2000's),
Animal Man & all except for 1 issue of Shade the Changing Man (both series) from the 1970's on-,
Hawk & Dove (DC/1960's), &
Hawkman app.'s in Mystery In Space (DC/1960's).

I also completed other various modern sets of titles and various limited series (or, at least complete UP to this point of notation).

As you can tell, my main focus has been on DC titles. When I did purchase Marvels I usually bought the single silver-age issue of one sort or another. I also added a lot of Charlton, Archie, Gold Key and Dell to my collections, and tons of modern misc..

My goal for this coming year is to NOT purchase as much from on-line sales, but rather to save back my money and purchase large collections as a lot, thus bringing down my purchase cost per issue again.

I'd like to finally finish up some sets such as the 1996 Supergirl series, that one issue of Shade I need, plus complete my set of Strange Adventures from at least 160 to 242.

I also want to complete a few modern sets such as DC's Captain Atom, Booster Gold, and finish up the rest of the Kirby 4th. World titles I need; perhaps even finish with the few I now need to complete a full set of anything Kirby did for DC in the 1970's.

Here's Wishing Everyone a Very Happy New Year!


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