Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Unexpected Surprize"

Sometimes life just wants to throw you a curve.

Today my wife and I went to visit her terminally ill father, who is still staying at home. The first thing he wanted to talk about was his illness and how far it had progressed. In the conversation, he asked my wife if she could take an (undetermined time) leave of absense from her job and come up there to stay with him and help with the chores and such until such time he had to go to the nursing home, or, a hospital.

This was, to say the least, a bit of a bombshell. He had never asked (or mentioned) anything about this before. What it boils down to is that my wife (and I) and basically he only people he can depend on for any help in the family. He being a widower, his other two daughters are either too busy with their families (or simply just don't care), which leaves all of the weight on us. Plus, he's been in a nursing home previously and disliked it, so he wants to keep away from that again until it is absolutely a necessity (can't blaim him). Haven't a clue IF my wife will still have a job when she finally is ready to return. So' looks like I'll be batchin' it it soon for a while.

In other news, my mother went back for one of her last sessions of physical therapy since she dislocated her sholder. He only has two more appointments, now for that, then a follow up visit to her doctor on it. She's able to drive alright and do most of whatever she did before, but still can't lift much weight with that arm. And, my own dad, at (almost) 87 is...okay.

As soon as I read some new comics I'll be giving my reviews. The only one I've read thus far is the current issue of 52 (DC) Week 37, and in that I can tell you to totally forget EVERYTHING I've reviewed before about this title. In this particular issue, two different characters thought dead aren't, plus the identity of the new hero, "Supernova", is revealed. Real glad I didn't miss this one!

I also purchased current issues of All Star Superman #6, Superman #658, Superman Confidential #3, Green Lantern #16, JLA Classified #32, Robin #157, & Justice Society #2, plus the Frank Miller 300 hardcover, all of which I shall soon review.


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