Sunday, February 04, 2007

"And Into Feb."

Football, today? ("yawwwwwnnnnn.....") I couldn't even tell you who's playing in the "Super Bowl", that's how disinterested I am in it. All I know is that it'll pre-empty other programs I'd rather watch. This country is way too obsessed with sports. We heard all of these complaints about over-spending in the government, and I wonder how many millions, even billions are spent on sports in the U.S.? Looks like a good place to grab up some taxes to support a National Heath Care Plan for those in the "middle class" that are just struggling to make ends meet. But of course you NEVER hear a politician mention anything about any of America's favorites pasttimes, hmmmmm?

But...enuff o' dat.

Got snow here today; probably an inch and it's melting slowly due to cold temp's. At least we got it on a day, for a change, that I didn't have to drive to work in it. Last week, on Friday, we had snow in the morning and I couldn't get my car out of the driveway. Had to catch a ride to work with a co-worker, then call my wife for a ride home (of course by then, the roads were clear. In fact, could I have waited maybe another hour and a half before going in I'd probably been able to get MY car "unstuck"!)

Re-rented "Superman Returns" last night and gave it another watch. I felt that maybe my comments hadn't been fair about this flick since on my previous viewing of it I was distracted too much.

Overall, the flick's okay, but maybe I just expected so much more from this movie after there not being one on Superman for so many years. Let's see...Supes' supposed to have been gone 5 years, but now he looks younger than we saw him in the last flick ('course... different actor), but since he doesn't age like humans, I could handle that. Lois should have been played by a bit more mature woman. Even "Jimmy" and "Perry" looked like they should have with 5 years more of aging.

And..."Lex Luthor"...a character that has NEVER been portrayed correctly in the Superman flicks needs to act more like this villian is done in the animated series. Still too much humor with this guy, and for once could they just lose the unneeded woman side-kick/girl friend (or ANY such companion) for this guy?

At least they kept "Pa kent" dead (as he should be in this stage of the movies). The special effects were okay, but a little less tribute to Christopher Reeve now. Brandon Routh is still a bit too lean for the part. Needs to beef up before he ever plays The Man of Steel again. And..."something" needs to be done about Superman's costume. Looks too "plastic and rubbery".

I DID like the way they've shown Superman's strength levels. Grabbing an airplane, lifting an island; now THAT's the Superman I like! Good showing of some of his other powers as well, but a little too little maybe of his heat vision. Overall I give this a "B" Rating. Could have just been so much more.

And there's a new piece of artwork over on "My Unpublished Work" link. No; not a "Mike Stripe" strip this time. I've got more "MS" one-pagers that I haven't shown here, but truthfully I've grown tired of working on these presently so I've grabbed an older piece of my work (3-4 years back) that I was half-way satisfied with and posted it instead.

Finally... I checked with a couple of fellow bloggers and they assured me that the change over to a Google Account (that Blogger seemed to insist I do) would be quick & painless, so I did so. Have to sign into two different accounts now, and really didn't see any need for a change to something that was working well. But...we do what we must.


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