Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Chilly Thursday"

Anna Nicole Smith dead at age 39 in Hollywood, Florida. Sad. She was always someone who wanted to be another "Marylin Monroe"; looks like her death followed suit. Current speculation is that her death may have had something to do with the diet pills she was taking.

Well, I just got back from visiting my father-in-law, where I spent yet another 3-4 hours cutting up and hauling in wood for him. My wife called me at work yesterday almost in hysterics, saying he was nearly dead, that she'd have to go and stay with him, that he was in just terrible shape,(etc.,etc.). Got there and he was in no worse shape than before. In fact, he even came outside with me for a few moments. So' "planned" visit to the comic shop as I wanted to do on this rare day off (in fact, I have 8 days in a row now that I'll have to work before that rolls around again), and no day of rest.

I did manage to stop by Waldenbooks and pick up a few titles: Robin #158(which concludes, it would seem, the "Klarion the Witch Boy" storyline), Action Comics #845 ("It Am BE-Zarro!!"), and 52 #39(missed yet another issue), in which nothing much happened much save that it looks like our fave DC robot team may be on a comeback.

Also, they had all of their 2007 calendars on special for a buck each so I got "The Simpsons" one.


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