Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Moving Right Along..."

What's new...

In my personal life, not a heck of a lot, save work. I'm in the midst of an 8 day straight "week" before I get a full day off, which won't be for another 3 days still. Leaves little time for anything else.

In comics...Finally picked up the missing issues from my DC run of 52 and caught up on that storyline to #40. It's been a struggle for me to read every issue of this since it's pubbed weekly and I don't get by some place that sells them every week. In fact, a friend picked up these odd issues when he went by a comic shop for me. Looks like I was wrong about the "deaths" of both "The Question" AND "Animal Man". A-Man's still kickin', altho' The ? may have finally seen his last days.

And I got Robin #158, which finished up the 2-parter with "Klarion the Witch Boy". Can't say I'm really thrilled about the way this character is depicted in recent stories. Would like him to be more like he was originally in the 1970's The Demon series.

The other new book I got was Action 845, which is the second Donner issue. Looks like DC's trying to tie Superman into both aspects of the Smallville series as well as the "Superman Returns" flick. Best thing about 845 was an appearance by "Bizarro", and a cameo of "General Zod", the mean MF from Krypton bend on conquering, well...about EVERYTHING, but mostly getting revenge on Zor-El's #1 son.

I can't help liking anything that deals with "The Phantom Zone" criminals. My love affair with all that began way back in 1961 when my mom and I went to do clothes at the local laundry mat and she'd give me a dime or quarter and tell me to entertain myself for an hour or two in the local downtown area. Naturally I went to the drug store and bought a comic. One time it was Adventure Comics #283, which was the PZ's first app..

To me this was the perfect comic. Had The Phantom Zone, General Zod, "bizarros", "Congo Bill" back-up, and in the loc page, the first mention on the oncoming "Tales of the Bizarro World" series in that title. I'm proud to say that I still have a copy of that issue in my collection today.

Speaking of DC books...I've finally located one of the two Giants by DC from the 1960's I need to complete a full set, which is Young Love #69((9/68). A friend has agreed to sell me his lower-conditioned duplicate. (Now if I could just find me a reasonably-priced 1962 Rudolph Annual, that set would be done.)

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!


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