Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Heading Into Labor Day Weekend"

Just wanted to make a statement here about my reviewing comics, whether old or new ones.

I don't get out much. That is to say, that I work a 9-1/2 hr. a day job at least 5 days a week. The closest comic book store (as such) is nearly 40 miles away. I rely on getting new comics thru 2 main sources:

1) Waldenbooks, which there's a store located in Elizabethtown, Ky., 45 miles from here. (I find myself there from time to time due to trying to settle my late father-in-law's estate, and thus make a stop whenever possible to buy new comics. The ones they carry are mostly DC, Marvel, Bongo and Archie. This is 'why" you'll see reviews mostly of those titles.)

2) A Houchen's supermarket in Glasgow, KY., 15 miles or so from here. I get there every couple of weeks and mostly what they have are Marvel, DC or the occasional Image title.

The titles I review are comics I've enjoyed reading in the past, thus you get more reviews here of a lot of super-hero-type titles, and, sometimes a humor comic.

I would review more comics, and titles outside of the mainstream companies, IF I could obtain them. So if anyone out there is publishing an independent comic and wants to send me a copy, I will review it, I promise. I'll review ANY comic book sent to me, whether old or new, and give you the "D.Puck" treatment which may be good, bad, or indifferent---but it WILL be reviewed.

I will also review fanzines and small press publications with the same enthusiasm. To send me publications for review just email me at: and I'll send you a physical address.

And today on what will probably be my only day off this week until maybe next Tuesday , I decided to get up on my roof and clean out the gutters and rake the leaves and haul them off. Did so. Took notice that my grass needs mowing again, which I shouldn't bitch about since it's been at least a month since I last did that. Also filled up the garbage cans again with that trash to be hauled off. maybe one or two more loads will have all of that gone as well.

Took a little time to stop my the local bookstore to look thru the spinner rack which an old comic book dealer named James Miles fills with back issues. Found 5 misc. issues of The Fantastic Four from the 1980-early 90's I didn't curently have and bought same. Looked around the store and there was James himself at one of the pc's they let the public use. Hadn't seen him in several years so we had a lengthly talk and caught up and what had been happening with each other in the past few years. Good to see him! James used to have a bookstore which carried mostly comics in Bowling Green several years ago. He said he missed those days, and so do I as I bought many comics from him back then at that location.

And I'd like to wish Robert Crumb a Happy Birthday, today! Crumb is 64, being born in 1943. One of the pioneers of the underground comix movement, his style is one of those impossible types that's unduplicatable. Truely a unique artist and individual. (That's his "Fritz" at the top.)


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