Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Notes on A Tuesday"

You never know what a day will bring. Today, after two weeks, was the first day I didn't have a single thing "planned" to do. I was going to just rest after a lengthly number of days at work (plus other myriad chores). Just wasn't meant to be. Around 11AM my mother and I got these phone calls from the local nursing home telling us that my dad was being taken back to the medical center in a city around 35 miles from here for a while for some reavaluation and tests due to his increasing weight loss and aggitation. It appears he may have a urinary track infection. We left around noon so we could get there and do the admission paper work on him, and stayed quite a while until he finally fell asleep. Since he's gone into the nursing home he's lost at least 20 lbs. because just just won't eat. His condition has progressively gone downhill even more so in the past five months. At times he knows who we are, and other times, not. The trip there and back was pretty hot today. This makes day 30 in a row here in South-Central, KY. with temperatures over 90 degrees. "Maybe" a cool down next week.

A little update on that comic that's long overdue (the Super Comics Plastic Man #16 (1964). I checked the confirmation this morning and it said that it's left the Cincinnati post office and is enroute. Lo' an' behold! It arrived in TODAY'S mail! Got here amazingly quick after it was finally mailed, so I'll be noting "things" about that issue soon.

In other news....

About a month ago I bought a new coin bank because I decided I'd try to save my loose change every night just to see how much it could accumulate to in a few months. Today I decided just to count it and discovered that it was already up to $42.40 in just about four weeks! Amazing. If it keeps up that average I should have well over a hundred dollars extra for Christmas use.

You may also remember that some time back I noted the amounts I had been spending on comic books over the past three years. Well, that's shot all to hell now because of the bad auction experiences I had letting some other people sell stuff for me on eBay. I forgot to list the exact amount to be subtracted from those totals, and because some of the material was duplication I no longer have the slightest clue as to the exact number of my collections' inventory, or even which comics should be eliminated completely from my inventory lists. I'd say that I still have something in the area of 12,000 comics around here, but not all of that is actually what I consider my collection (maybe 8-10 K). I should really go through these again sometime when I have a few days to do so, put comics IN my collection that I want to keep and weed out the rest and simply store them seperately to make room. Currently I'm just too lazy and it's still way too hot, so that's to be an Autumn project.

And my old friend and fellow comic book enthusiast David Jones (aka: "Johnny Bacardi") stopped by for a nice visit this evening and brought me freebie copies of the new Metal Men AND Booster Gold DC titles, so I'll be reviewing them next time here.


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