Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Rainey Day Muse"

"Forgot to Mention Dept:" That in the very same issue of next week's TV Guide w/the "Heroes" covers and article, there is also a 1/2 page "Black Canary" illustration and article on the person (Alaina Huffman) who will play the character in an upcoming episode of "Smallville". Yes, she will indeed have a romantic attraction to the reaccuring Justin Hartley who plays "Green Arrow". Yes, she will wear the trademark "fishnet" stockings of the character as well! (Episode slated to show Jan. 10th. of next year.)

I forget how many times now I've worked on this yard this Autumn, raking and hauling off the leaves or just mulching them up with the push mower, but I did it again this afternoon for a couple of hours. This may be about finished for the season now. The leaves on the elm tree in the front yard are very small and aren't as noticible as those on the water maples on the side and rear of our house. The main thing is just keeping the dry leaves away from the house itself, them being dry and brittle, and a fire hazzard if there ever was one.

Back to work tomorrow and Monday, then off come Tuesday.(Saturday: 11-10-07)

Went by the flea market this morning and spent a grand total of fifty cents on a 1989 "Captain America" bendy. (Think I outta shoot it with my .22 to make it look more authentic? LOL.) Otherwise a prety duddy day at work costomer-wise, with it being slow. I'm not sure just "when" everyone's going to start their Christmas shopping, but I do know it'll be later this year and they'll be buying less. So slow in fact that i was able to assemble some larger stuff for outside the store today, and one person went home early since there was three of us there. Styarted raining hard on the way home from work, and, of course, it's already dark now by the time I get off. With the rain and bright headlights i luterally stopped in the middle of the road one time to let a car go by, I'm so night blind at times. Was glad to finally get home and relax.(Sunday: 11-11-07)

Today was much the same at work. Slow and too many of us there so one person left early. I managed to pull about 4 pages' worth of tools for my section of the store, but really had to look for new stuff. A truck had come in with tools, but few had made it to the store by the end of the day, so that'll probably have to wait until Wednesday (since I'm off tomorrow). It's Verterin's Day, so a big Thank You to all The Vets that have served in the various armed services o0f this country and defended the many rights that most of us just take for granted. Without you we can't keep this nation free.

Was already up by 5:15 A.M. today with my left foot hurting. Honestly, I think I may have gout in that foot, which is a ailment I'd always associated with "old" people. Well...I AM 56 years old, but I really don't see any swelling in the foot. The pain's not on the bottom, but on the top of the foot and it just aches from time-to-time, and could be arthritis instead. For certain I'm not going back to that doctor that charged me $80. for an office visit just to find out, but will take over the counter pain relievers for it instead.

By 7:30 A.M. I had already done one load of laundry trying to catch up on house chores while my wife's at work, plus been on the net looking around at various auctions, checking my e-mail, etc..

As predicted, it's raining here today so anything I do with be within the confines of this house. I'm hoping a TPB reprint of some of Miller's "Daredevil" issues will come in the mail since I've already received notification that it was mailed a few days back.


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