Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"More Days"

The report on Waverly Hills Sanatorium will air on the SCI-FI Channel Halloween night (for those so inclined to watch it). It's considered to be one of the most haunted places around.

Incidently, I've got a new photo host. I guess my old photo host, who let me use his service for free, finally got tired of me bumming off him without payment and cut me off. (Can't say I blaim him.) So...anyhoo...got another "free" service and I can't be sure of what this will look like (or if I even loaded them correctly here) until I post this. And that too is why the photo on my previous post doesn't show 9but take my word for it; that is/was one ugly dog!/Monday:10/29/07)

Got up early this morning and have been busy all day. Started it out by doing the dishes and emptying garbage, trying to help my wife "catch up" on house chores since she's ben putting some double shifts where she works. Decided to get all of the fans together and store them in the pantry for the Winter. That was some job. It was so crammed with junk (mostly craft items and supplies) that I had to work on that for a good half an hour. Then went down to my local insurance people to get libility on dad's old '93 Cheve S-10 pickup truck, which mom wanted to to go ahead and change the title over on so Medicade couldn't touch it (with him being in the nursing home). Did that, then when she got off from her job at the library at 1:P.M., we drove up to the county courthouse and had the title changed over.

While I was there I walked over to a little antiquey-type of place on the square that was going out of business and asked the guy if he had any old comic books. He had a dozen or so Gold Key misc. titles and I paid him $15. for the lot( which was probably too much since they were in lower condition, mostly, and humor titles like "Bugs Bunny", "Porky Pig", etc.). Couple of interesting comics in the lot. One was a copy of Raggedy Ann and Andy #1 (1971) in VG+ shape, and another was a Porky Pig #39(1971) with a barber cover. There was a Banana Splits #4(1970) with a photo cover, a Super Goof #19 (1971) with an app. of "The Beagle Boys", and a Harvey Wendy Witchworld #42(1971), which is a "square-bound" twenty-five cent Giant.

Went by the grocery for a few things including picking up a couple of bags of candy in case we have any "trick-or-treaters" tomorrow. I won't turn on the pourch light for them, but you never know; we may still have a few kids and I want to have something around for them.

Then back to mom's house where I cleaned out the leaves from her gutters and used a grumbin' hoe on some roots I wanted to clear out around an old stump in her yard, where this coming weekend she wants me to plant some various plant bulbs.

Back to my house where I rested a while then got out in the garage looking for the leaf blower. I "figured" I'd just blow all of the leaves out into the backyard this time, and use the push mower to mulch them up. Easy, ehh? It never is when you think it'll be, as I couldn't find the attachment which adapted the motor section to the blower attachments. Thus, here once again I got out the rake and got the leaves up into piles and away from the house, then used the push mower to mulch these all up. I worked on this for at least 2-1/2 hrs. 9from 3-5:30 P.M.) before I called it a day.

Sitting here now at the pc relaxing and watching that copy of the 1987 made-for-t.v. movie on "The Spirit" on DVD. Sam Jones as "Denny Colt" and Nana Visitor as "Ellen". Not too bad a flick. At least Jones played the part with a little more seriousness than he did in the 1980's "Flash Gordon" flick. (Tuesday:10/30/07)


At 8:26 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

Y'know, Dave, the image host that comes with Blogspot (Picasa, it's called) these days isn't bad- I've used it for a lot of images on the Blogspot blog for quite some time now. You have a limited amount of space, but it's a fairly good-sized amount, 1000 MB. Just use the little button, the one with a hillside and blue sky in it, over the blog entry field (where you actually type the post) and follow the instructions...

I started using it instead of ImageShack because I've had problems with briken picture links on older posts. Really annoying. I figured that since Picasa is set upa s part of Blogspot, that would be less likely to happen.

I kinda liked that Flash Gordon flick with Jones- it had style...

At 4:00 PM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

Thanks! I'll try that! Regarding the Flash Gordon flick, there were a few things that I did like about it (just wish it wasn't played so campy). The music by Queen, of course, and the way all of the characters looked. Ming looked like Ming should; just like an Alex Raymond drawing, as did the Hawkmen,etc. It's the only soundtrack that I own which I have on both a casette AND the l.p., in fact. (And I like it spades better than the SCIFI channel version.)


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