Sunday, November 04, 2007

"Our 19th. year (and other things)"

The sun was shining, the leaves were bright orange and red and falling, and a little nip in the air on this day 19 years ago when my wife, Debbie, and I got married.

We went and stayed the night at The Scottish Inns in Bowling Green, and went next door to The Executive Inn for dinner and dancing. It rained like the devil that night.

On the way home the next day we stopped at a comic book show there in BG for a little while. Poor gal got a taste of what would be years of that to come, LOL!

We didn't do anything really special for this anniversary. Yesterday we went to several craft shop Open Houses and a couple of yard sales and stopped by the flea market and Wal-Mart, and last night my mom took us out to eat. So goes yet another anniversary. Guess I need to start saving my money for a year now because with our 20th. coming up, my wife will expect something really nice.

Our local flea markets are getting pretty slim of people now with colder weather starting. Went by it both days and bought absolutely nothing. I did pick up one of the "Superman Returns: Man of Steel" action figures of Metallo at a local "dollar store". May pick up the Lex Luthor and Mogul figures as well. (I think Mogul is probably short-packed).

Tried to rake the yard for...what? The 5th. or 6th. time already this Autumn. Raked leaves from around the house into nice, neat piles and got out the lawn mower to mulch those up, and then a stiff wind came along and re-scattered all of them again. I put up the rake and mower and called it "a day" on that, and wondered just how many power lines I'd take out if I used the chain saw on these blasted trees.

Was looking at a list I have of silver-age Marvel Giants. Looks like I'm down to just a dozen now. The scarcer ones I'll have trouble finding will be a Millie Annual 1 , Strange Tales Annual 2, and 3 issues of the first volume of Silver Surfer.. The others consist mostly of later Millie Specials and Mighty Marvel Westerns. I'm down to just three odd DC SA giants, all odd titles like Rudolph, Scooter, etc. (Those are pretty difficult to find.)

I really need to get to a real good comic shop where they have some odd titles as I only need a handful completing things like the Vertigo "Shade the Changing Man" series, the first volume of "Booster Gold" and DC's "Captain Atom". All would be cheap books IF I could only find them.

And I've been trying to get together all of my DC 100 Page Super-Spectacular issues. So far, I've located 40 some odd of those, with maybe a couple more somewhere in the boxes I've missed. I also have several of the Giants they did after they dropped page count, but those aren't in this particular search (which I've used several sites to try to I.D. and locate). That's not even half of those, though, that were published. It's said that DC-05 ("Love Stories") and DC-10 (Adventure Comics #416) are "supposed" to be the most rare of those. But I had no difficulty at all in locating DC-10. (Now...the DC-05 is another story.)


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