Thursday, November 01, 2007

"More & More"

Back on October 24th., Johnny Bacardi posted what he stated would be his last blog post (on the 5th. Anniversary of his blog site).

I really hate that. "Johnny" (aka: Dave Jones) is a long time friend of mine, and it was due to his blog site that I started both this one AND the "Beatles & Bizarros" blog.

Like I've done myself, from time-to-time, he's gotten a bit burned out on doing posts. I've stated that I was discontinuing posts as well, a couple of times actually, but eventually came back. So I can only hope that the responce he's gotten from doing this will bring him back too, to at least do occasional postings. Last time I checked he had over 40 different comments from friends that will miss his writing, which shows that a LOT of people read his stuff and enjoy it. Come back soon, "Johnny"!

Speaking of which, Dave recommended me using blogger's own image hosting site, which is MUCH better than what I previously had. In fact, you'll notice the photo from the previous post has changed to it's originally intended size. (Thanks, "Johnny'!)

In other things...

Re-watched that DVD copy I had of Will Eisner's The Spirit (1987 Made-for-t.v. flick). This 90 minute pilot really captured a LOT of the essense of Will Eisner's drawings and writing (in fact, some of Eisner's artwork appears at the beginning of the movie). From the beautiful women, to the perfection of the costume, to the torture scenes, the wind blowing curtains, the sight of dollar bills floating to the ground, the look of the cemetary: in all, an excellant adaptation. Sam Jones played this part to a "t", and Nana Visitor did really well as "Ellen". The only part that maybe could have been a little better is to have used the name, "Ebony", for The Spirit's little sidekick (which was slightly changed, I'm sure, in an attempt at political correctness.) That's just a very minor complaint, though. A new Spirit flick will be out fairly soon, written by Frank Miller. That ought to be a "hoot" (we'll see).

Read thru that issue I got the other day of Gold Key's Super Goof #19 (1971). Always thought the real humor about that comic was taking an established Disney character, "Goofy" (and one that's dimwitted, as well), giving him some sort of super-powers and then giving him an actual title of his own. Of course, this had been done before in a humorous title when Archie Comics in the 1960's (and the Batman t.v. show was going) had all of their characters as super-heroes as well. But, Super Goof ran an amazing 74 issues, beginning under the Gold Key banner in 1965 (for 57 issues), and then finishing the run up until 1984 by Whitman! That's nearly 20 years! (Geez.) Guess he had a lot of fans besides just me.

Halloween this year now has come and gone, and rather uneventful. I had absolutely no "trick-or-treaters this time". (Guess I really should have tied up the pittbulls.)

Yes...that was a joke. And, speaking of jokes:

"My Annual Worst Joke I've Told This Year" Dept.:

How do people in the South celebrate Halloween?

Answer: pumpkin. (Wednesday/10-31-07)

As previously stated, Halloween came and went very uneventfully, save that at some time during that day, a large limb was either pulled loose, or simply fell from one of the trees in my yard. It must have fallen in the neighbor's yard as it was proped up against my house, so this morning before I left for work I drug it back to the brush pile. (I didn't notice it until this morning as I'd parked on the opposite side of the house from it. ) And work today was slow, but steady. Guess I won't be going by the bookstore this weekend as my wife is going up to the cemetary tomorrow during one of her days off, and that's just way too long a trip to make simply to check out the new comics.(Thursday: 11-01-07)


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