Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Christmas, and Looking Back"

And Christmas is over for 2007. Here within a week we'll be into the New Year of 2008.

I really didn't get anything I actually wanted for Christmas this year. I thought I had hinted around enough with my wife this time for that 4 DVD boxed set of the Chris Reeve "Superman" flicks, but instead I was loaded down with clothing. Not that that wasn't anything I didn't need.

Between her and mom I got a new pair of dress shoes (something I didn't have at all after my good shoes were mysteriously eaten by this house!), two, long-sleeved pull overs (one with the Beatle's "Hard Days Night" movie designs), two pairs of sleep pants, a pair of lined gloves, a new pair of jeans and a nice fleece coat. So with the good bonus this year at work, IF I don't get back to my comic shop before their December sale ends, I may just use part of that and buy that Supes flick set for myself.

Looking back at this year I see a lot of stuff that's gone on. It began with my father-in-law finally having to go into the hospital from his cancer, and then shortly there after in April, my own dad ending up in a nursing home due to his alzheimers. And then, in May, my F-I-Law passed away, making both Thanksgiving and Christmas a bit meloncholy (especially for my wife).

The only outdoors project I got finished this year was the pouring of a new walkway out to the sidewalk (which I may still have to redo a bit come Spring and I feel like buying morwe bags of "quik-crete" and trying to level that more so) plus I finally got around to enclosing the back of the house where we had a screen-in room just to cover up the mess of my wife's craft stuff. Not positive just "what" outdoor projects I'll do in 2008 to this place. Might try to trim a bunch of these trees myself. We do plan on putting a new roof of some sort on this house next year (probably ALL metal).

We went through an extremely dry and hot Summer here in South-Central, Kentucky, to finally have all of the wetness given back to us in spades this Autumn.

My F-I-Law's estate was sold at auction in September, but that still hasn't been settled enough for my wife to receive her inheritance.

I lost an old aquaintance a couple of months ago that was younger than myself to his various illnesses. And another even older aquaintance ended up receiving a 5 year prison term because he never was able to "grow up" enough to know that drugs will eventually destroy everything you ever had: family, friends, your life, your health, your home and finances. I thank God I was smart enough to get out of that scene a good 30 years ago and straighten up before it was too late.

Collecting-wise, I finally finished the 4 major Jack Kirby sets of his 4th.World titles from DC in the 1970's plus other books he did, but still need a little more than a dozen various issues to complete the sets of everything he did for DC during that time.

My own health has been just so-so this year, but both my elderly mother and my wife's health has remained constant.

And I'm sure that if I looked back over my year's worth of blogging in 2007, I could find a whole lot more the recall, but it's been a long year and I'm tired. This holiday seems to have taken a lot out of me as well as the year in whole, both in my home AND my work existence.


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