Friday, November 23, 2007

"Black Friday"

At work today, a design artist for some of the decorative "tins" we sell came in and I got to speak with her for a few minutes (between the somewhat busy bunch we had in today doing their Christmas shopping here on "Black Friday").

She does some really nice "retro" type artwork, some of which I've bought for myself and have hanging around the house. I suggest you check out her work at the link HERE and see it for yourself.

This was definately not the busiest Black Friday we've ever had. In fact, I'd say it's down from a couple of grand from previous years. People simply aren't spending as much, and it's not just in the store where I work, but others tonight in stores around town have told me the same. I know that I personally won't be buying as much for Christmas this year (but then, I only have a couple of people to buy for now anyway, but I won't be spending as much even on that) as I did in previous Christmas's.

And I don't think this cold spell we're having in South-Central, KY. has much to do about it, as stores such as Target and Wal-Mart are doing exceptionally well again. I was a bit surprized at the number of out-of-stae customers we had today, from places such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and Illinois. "Usually" I only see that much variation during the Summer months. I suppose there were many still traveling around from the Thanksgiving holiday and stopping by on their way back home.

But..."all-in-all", we did okay.

Between not having enough sleep last night and a slight toothache (plus it would seem an oncoming cases of "the sniffles"), I must admit that I wasn't in my best form today, but still managed to be sociable enough to make it thru my usual 9-1/2 hrs, putting out tools and pricing them, and waiting on the customers. In the back of my mind I was really wanting to be at the after Thanksgiving sale (one day only) they were having at my regular comic book store. But, par usual, it happened on a day when I was both working and really a bit too short on funds to make it worthwhile. Oh well. There will be another sale around the middle of December that I definately will be prepared for since I've still saved my change from every day for the past several weeks.

I think I may have previously mentioned buying a copy of the 1971 Rip-Off Press underground comix, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers #1 from a fellow co-worker for a few bucks. It really wasn't worth what I gave him for it in the shape it was in (quite worn and yellowed), but for the laughs it was worth TWICE as much! I've always been a big fan of Gilbert Shelton's work, especially on the "Freak Brothers", "Wonder Warthog" and "Fat Freddy's Cat", and I know I hadn't read that issue for a good 25 years. But it still made me laugh out loud several times; probably at my own self remembering how I was as a hippie lo' those many years ago. Unfortunately this was something like an 11th. Printing! Geez, those undergrounds went thru a LOT of printings! (In fact, they're still probably being reprinted today here 36 years after they originally appeared). Shelton is just one of many cartoonists that "styled" my own work from the undergrounds (others being artists/writers such as Spain, Bode', Irons and many others).

Got 5 more days in a row straight before I get a day off. As always, I'll never catch up on anything around here.


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