Friday, December 14, 2007

"My Questions Answered!"

In my last blog I asked the question regarding whatever happened to that story which would have been in Swamp Thing V1 #25 where ST battles "Hawkman" had the title not ceased publication with #24. So's....I went to Wickipedia to see what it had regarding the character and its history.

By clicking the name link and reading their information it'll give you a more concise report, but, here it is in a nut shell.

That story ended up as the basis for Swamp Thing ("Saga of") V2 #58. Now there was another question I had regarding how "Alec Holland" went back to being the ST again, after he was left as a human with V1 #24.

And, according to that Wickipedia report, he reverted back to being ST due to not taking certain biochemicals which kept him not murky. And this was all "explained" within the pages of DC's Challengers of the Unknown #83.

Of course, when Alan Moore took over the second ST series he changed ST's origin, and even told everyone to just ignore the events of the closing issues of ST V1 and pretend that #'s 21 thru 24 of that series never existed/happened.

In other words...just another screwup in a characters continuity, but one I can forgive with the par excellant writings of Moore.

Speaking of which, I got in those 19 misc. comics all written by Moore that I recently won on auction. They consisted of two various issues of Eclipse Comics' "Miracle Man" (#'s 3 & 6) and 17 issues of V2 of ST (#'s 24,26 thru 36, 38 thru 42, missing the "Constantine" keys). Lots of good reading, or, I should say, RE-reading ahead for me. In fact, I've already read the MM's, which were even better the second (or maybe, third) time around). I think about as complete as I'd like to have collections of ST would be the 1-24 run of V1, the Challengers' issues (83-87), a couple of issues of DC Presents and Brave & Bold app.'s, and a run probably no later than #64 (last Moore issue) of V2 (although I do have several already after that number, as well as most of V3), and Annual 2. (I'm not sure if I even want an original copy of House of Secrets #92 again. It'd certainly have to be a lower-grade one that I could buy dirt-cheap. Not that it's not a great comic, what with Wrightson and all, but it's not really the version or actually the same character as first appearing in ST V1 #1. I've got a reprint, so that's probably what I'll stick with.) I have maybe 1/2 of those already.

Off work tomorrow, but rain and sleet predicted weather-wise, and even the chance of snow on Saturday night which may make driving to work Sunday morning a hassle. Oh yes. Winter IS here, I'm afraid.


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