Friday, November 30, 2007

"End Week-Month Notations"

If you'll click on the link Here, and then click onto the "Wanted" link on the bottom of the left-side column of that page, then scroll down about half way, you may see something interesting. Especially interesting to me since I hadn't had any word about this piece of artwork proposed to be used. This piece was done 23 years ago when I was deep in the small press scene, publishing various mini-comics relating to my old humor character, "Elmo Jenkins" (of which, of course, after this blog site is named).

Looking at that artwork here again so long afterwards proves that my stuff has indeed improved somewhat in two decades. I find the work from that time pretty crude, but thinking back about it, I'm sure it was something that I whipped out pretty quick just as a submission "somewhere".

Currently, I have another full book finished of some new characters. Thus far, I have the first nine pages and cover inked, plus a color cover variation finished and an extra page completed as well. It'll be a 24 page project, and all of it's been written and penciled, but much yet to finish inking and correcting. I can't decide whether I want to do this project magazine-size, or comic book format. If it's a comic then I'll have to reduce the pages a bit to make them at least the size of, say, a Golden-Age comic (like the dimensions of the first issue of Cerebus). I definately want it to be able to actually fit into a regular comic book size box in one's collection (as storing magazines can be a pain in the ass at times, although there's boxes those dimensions available as well).

But I don't really want this to look like a "fan"zine. I wanna do a comic book, dammit!


This morning I walked over to the local "Family Dollar" store (which is located adjecent to my back lot so I just have to walk across my back yard to get to it), and noticed that on their side wall there, gang symbols had been painted with black spray paint. Things like that just go all over me when I see it. Hopefully they'll catch whoever did this and give them a fitting punishment (like scrubbing off the symbols and repainting the ENTIRE wall). But I doubt if the local police will. They'll just ignore this incident and leave the costs of redoing this wall to the company that owns the store. Then after it's corrected, in a while, someone will come and do the same thing again. As long as it's not "downtown" and affecting their precious repetory theatre or cave karst museum, the local administration seems to ignore the rest of the town and it's businesses...which are the main stay and drawing crowds to any actual money being spent in the town. (But you "just know" that had this been done to the wall of the theatre or museum, the whole incident would be something major to them. They'd be posting rewards and cleaning up that mess lickitty-split).

BTW, "Johnny Bacardi" said he wasn't back...but it sho looks dat way 2 me. Glad to see some new posts from him!(Thursday: 11-29-07)

Went by the funeral home here locally after work tonight to pay my respects to an old aquaintance from all those years ago. Seems the cause of death turned out to be cystic fibrosis, of which he was unaware, at least, as far as anyone knew. He was the type that never went to a doctor for any sort of blood workup or physicals, and probably thought it was just his life-long ailments of allergies and synus problems making him ill. Very sad. Had just spoke with him earlier this year when he saw me outside doing yard work and stopped by. At that time he was driving the Amish around as a job. He moved back to Bowling Green, Ky. just 2 or three months ago, where he'd lived nearly 30 years.(Friday: 11-30-07).


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