Friday, December 28, 2007

"They Say It's Stan's BIRTHDAY!"

On this day in 1922, Stan ("The Man") Lee was born, making this, today, his 85th. Birthday!

Soooossss......"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STAN LEE!" I hope it's the best one yet! (You still do the best 5 second cameos in Marvel flicks!)

Hoowah! Got in my copy of DC's 1st. Issue Special #5 (1975) yesterday, which not only completes that set of 13 issues, but is also a 70's DC Kirby comic I didn't have. This is actually the second DC character in the 1970's to bear that name, the other being Walt Simonson's which ran in several issues of Detective Comics (#'s 437-443 from 1973-74). Kirby's version is more like the one you later saw in Green Lantern (whereas Simonson's version was more of a costumed vigilante).

And yesterday I was hoping to do several things I that I really wanted to, but ended up doing several things that I really needed to instead.

For instance, I didn't get back to my comic shop for their December 20% back issue sale, nor did I get a chance to take my 18" t.v. over to the repair man to work on (and yes, my eyes are indeed squinting from looking at that 9" screen on the replacement I'm using).

Instead I started the day with removing the old battery from the pick up truck because I never could get it to take a charge, and hauling that down to the parts store where they tested it and found that, sure enuff, it was dead (probably a bad cell). However, since it was a 4 Year battery and this one was only 25 months old I got quite a nice rebate and it cost me about half what a new one would have. I took that back and reinstalled it into the truck and viola! Once more that's up and running.

Then I took down my mom's Christmas decorations and packed them up and toted that back to her basement for a year's storage. This took at least an hour and a half.

Coming back home I went to the store for a few things, then came back and cleaned the ever-present "cat box"; a major job since it seems that when my cat wishes to take a whiz he has rotten aim. It also entails having to pretty much clean the whole floor where the box resides, sweeping, moping, and washing out the litter pan, etc., etc. All of this took a bit over a half and hour.

Then I went down to the nursing home and took down the decorations and tree from dad's room and packaged those up and brought them back for storage, and stopped and got mom's medicine, and's just been a pretty full day.

Since I have just Saturday off before next week and the end of this month, I have only one more chance to get back to the comic shop. The t.v. will have to wait anyway due to the repair shop not being open on the weekend.(December 28th.,2007).


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