Saturday, March 01, 2008

"In Like A Lamb"

To begin this first post of 3/2008, I'd like to caution those who bid or are thinking about bidding on any of the live Heritage auctions on eBay. THIS link will tell you "why".

And I just hope that this weather is a good indication of times to come this last few weeks before Spring. Temperatures were in the lower 50's today with plenty of sunshine. Of course, we're supposed to have a chance of colder weather moiving back in theis coming week...probably hitting us when I finally have a day of, natch.

In today's mail: X-Statix 25 and Adventure Comics 459. It gave me a full run of the Milligan/Allred "X-Statix"s, and the Adventure Comics had Part 1 of the conclussion of the New Gods story from the last bronze-age issue, #19. I still need that Kirby "Hunger Dogs" Graphic Novel, Adventure Comics #460, and a copy of X-Statix presents Deadgirl L.S. 3 before I can completely call these specific collections "complete".

There were other features in the Adventure besides New Gods, such as The Flash, Green Lantern, Deadman and Wonder Woman in this, the first of their $1.-sized issues beginning in 1978. jim Aparo did the artwork on the cover + the Deadman strip, and Don Newton the artwork on New Gods.


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