Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Post No. 510"

My Cacti Garden survived yet another cold Ky. Winter and has returned with a vengence! There's so many blooms this year you can't hardly see the cacti themselves! I don't do a single thing special about making anything grow in this yard; just seems like things sprout up naturally around me. All of our flowers and bushes are in bloom this year giving the yard a variety of color.

Well...I watched the "Iron Man" flick. No, I won't give out any "spoilers" for those who haven't seen it yet, but I really do recommend that you do if you like the character. It's very true to the comics (save for the necessary updating of the origin), and has some nice tie-in lines for other Marvel characters from the title.

(Stan's cameo this time is pretty short so look quick!)

And today since my wife and I were both off from work, and she wanted to go see a craft show set up at Park City, Ky. (about 12 miles South from where we live on HWY 31W). It's location was at a historic site there called "Bell's Tavern, a large tavern and boarding house which was built in the 1800's, but now which stands in ruins.

I hadn't been there for a good 25 years and was amazed at how much larger it was than I remembered. This was a stagecaoch stop for many famous visitors of Mammoth Cave back in those days.

Besides craft and food booths set up, there was amusements for the kids, bluegrass music, and a large display of antique tractors (probably 50 of them) ranging as far back as the 1930's. We didn't stay too long; maybe an hour. My wife bought a couple of little craft items and I walked around the tavern, looking it over, and back home for some lunch.

Changing the subject back to comics for a moment, I was looking over some listings on eBay in their graphic novels and trade paperback section and noticed that there's not a single collection listed of DC's great silver-age series The Sea Devils. This is one of those old titles that I remember buying a lot of issues of as I did many of the other DC non-superpowered character teams like Blackhawk and Challengers, and I'd really like to see a collected volume ( or two ) of these, especially in color since most of the scenes dealt with action under water. There was a lot of really good artwork by Russ Heath who did all three of the Showcase tryouts as well as all of the artwork for the first ten issues, and the covers all the way to #16. Sort'a sad that there's not enough appreciation of this work to warrent such a collected volume.

And finally...

Today we got in our tax insentive rebate check. Why---there's enuff there for me to retire! (Yeah...sure...) 'Course, my wife will still have to work the rest of her life (*heh*).


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