Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Post No. 511"

The above pictured comic was a giveaway produced back in the 1950's by an accordion company trying to get young people interested in learning how to play one of them. It was a time of shows like Laurence Welk, and a time of polkas and clean cut looking kids having parties filled with that krazy new music called "rock & roll", and refreshments were punch in mom's cut-glass bowl sitting on an adorned table covered with white linen.

Guys wore ties and gals wore petticoats, and naturally if one could learn how to play "Lady of Spain" he was more apt to get to second base than even the jock who hit the winning homer against Central High.

I can only imagine a scene from this comic going:

"Gee, Bob! That looks like fun!"

"And easy, too, Barb! Just hold it in your hands and squeeze it together!"


"Gosh, Barb'! Don't hold the accordion so close to your chest!!"

Moving right along...I watched Will Smith in "I Am Legend", which was an okay flick even if it did use that the same old theme of "last man on Earth and everyone else in a vampire". Dare I say it? Smith actually looked like he was showing a little emotion in this movie for a change. It's certainly not something I give a real high rating to, but good for that .99 rental sometime when you have nothing better to do.

In an auction win I copped a copy of the 1969 DC Sugar & Spike #85, which was the first of the S&S Giants and the only silver-age Giant in this title. I think I only need a couple of SA DC Giants having all of them (both humor titles).

Another interesting book I picked up at the local flea market was a British X-Men album which reprints (in color) Uncanny X-men #'s 56 & 57 with artwork by Neal Adams. The Adams issues were the last highlight of this team in the 1960's, soon back to mundane stories for a handful of issues before the oblivion of many a reprint before finally the new team was introduced in issue #94. Odd how the sales on that title were so bad that it faced total cancellation "back then", but later became one of the hard cornerstones of Marvel's capital.


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