Monday, October 20, 2008

"Post No. 558"

Finally got to see Justice league: The New Frontier animated flick Saturday night, or, at least most of it as I didn't know it was one for a good twenty minutes.

Very nice animation and retro type costuming, but a few flaws for an old silver-age guru like myself. For one thing, what's with that really dark eyebrows over Barry Allen's eyes which show up prodominently while he's wearing The Flash mask?

And, if it was really keeping incontext with the age it's supposed to be in (circa 1962), Wonder Woman was wearing the hot short-shorts and laced up sandles, and still fighting crime in America, then. Here she's shown on Paradise Island and in the 40's-type mini-dress, and tells Superman that she hasn't flown "the invisible airplane" in many years.

At the end of the flim we see the JLA fighting "Starro", but Starro was 1959 and the JLA had already been formed. John F. Kennedy is shown as the president, thus the title, "The New Fronteir", but actually, Dwight D. Eisenhower was president when the JLA first appeared. They show Aquman with long hair, something he never had until a couple of decades later. And the Superman of the early 1960's could literally move entire planets. This one is more in keeping with a later 1940's version. Green Lantern would have already been around for 3 years or so rather than having his origin in the early 1960's.

Even so with flaws such as these, it was a great flick! Superman and Batman & Robin looked like they could have walked off a page of an issue of World's Finest (from '62). It was really good to see Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern. And even a nice touch with such an esoteric early 1950's hero such as "King Faraday" joining the battle. The 60's style "Green Arrow" was done well. Neat shot at the end as well with the retro "Teen Titans". A B+ flick. I think I may have to break down and purchase me a copy to rewatch again.


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