Monday, October 27, 2008

"Post No. 562"

Isn't that a really nice piece of artwork above? A friend of mine on one of the chat boards posted a link to it recently. It's done by an art student approx. 16 years of age. Shows she has a LOT a talent, and, if she's that good "now", you know she'll be even better with more time and training. Just one of the many, many reasons why I don't try to do a whole lot of artwork these days. As I've said before, my time has really passed to attempt to make art a professional endeavor. There's so very many younger people, those a fraction of my age, who are many times better, many times faster at producing quality artwork, and have great imaginations and eye for detail that it's next to impossible to compete. I hope she has wonderful success as a professional artist (if she so choses that occupation in the future). Click onto photo to bring it up MUCH larger for a closer look at the detail!

And today is Berni Wrightson's 60th. Birthday! Over on "Johnny Bacardi's blog site he's reproduced some of his own favorite Wrightson pieces. Well worth a look! The first time I saw Wrightson's work in was in a loc page of Warren Publication's Creepy Magazine in the mid 1960's. I was thinking that was issue #5, but I'm mistaken as I checked my own copy of that particular issue so I'm not sure which it was (one under #10). It was a horror-type piece though, and I remember instantly liking his style. Later I would become addicted to his work with his "Nightmaster" issues of DC's Showcase, myriad horror stories and covers for their various mystery titles, and of course, Swamp thing. Hard to believe he's 60, but then, it's very hard for me to accept that I'M 57.

Gunna be chilly here tonight! Lows predicted right at the freezing level for the first time since last Winter or so. Glad I finally got the outside of this house fairly Winterized and outside faucets wrapped.



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