Monday, November 03, 2008

"Post No. 566"

I watched the "Doctor Strange" animated flick recently on The Cartoon Network, and was better than I expected.

The only other treatment of the good doctor I can recall watching was the live-action "made-for-t.v." movie produced back in the 1970's. Television budgets were tight for such things, especially back then, but I remember it not being the worst adaptation of a comic book character I'd ever seen.

And neither was the animated version. For such characters as Dr. Strange, or, "Thor", that might be the only way they'll ever be given justice in a movie form due to the high costs involved in creating the special effects.

Naturally, Strange's origin was once again changed somewhat, but at least it held more true to the original tale in Strange Tales (Marvel) #115 (1963), with the elimination of such later additions as his wife and unborn child dying in the automobile accident.

There were some additions as well, like other sorcerers being trained by "The Ancient One" (other than "Baron Mordo"), a younger-looking "Wong" with hair, mentions of Stephen Strange's younger sister dying in an operation due to Strange, etc., but, all-in-all, it wasn't half bad and contained a lot of the seriousness some comic book films and other adaptations of favorite iconic characters are often lacking.

Well worth a watch.


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