Monday, November 10, 2008

"Post No. 570"

Watched Snake on a Plane, starring Sam Jackson. And it wasn't anywhere as bad as the various reviews I'd read, which- as usual- just shows that tastes vary.

The special effects were outstanding. Not for the timid, or those with snake phobias, and certainly nothing for kids to watch. On the DVD, though, there IS way too many G-D commercials for other flicks before the movie begins.

Got in that lot. There was 60+ comics in this one, with issues dating back into the 1970's. Was able to either complete or nearly complete several sets such as DC's Karate Kid, Marvel's Hawkeye and Hercules Prince of Power limited series. There was a copy of that early 1990's Marvel/Charleston Chew giveaway with characters as Spider-man, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider and Wolverine (a "flip-comic"). The Wolverine tale was the best: eight pages plus a cover drawn by Sam Kieth.

Also got in that one copy of DC's Prez #3 (1973), which was an off-beat title written/created by Joe Simon and drawn in the always interesting style of Jerry Grandenetti. (And this issue completed my set of 1-4.)

Have a little money built up in my Paypal account now to buy me something fairly nice, so....I'm shopping around. (There's ALWAYS some comic I've been wanting and haven't gotten around to picking up one of yet).

I've changed the illustration over in my top link of "Unpublished Work". This is a prelimenary I've done for a water color I'm working on. As usual, you can click onto the arrow that'll come up at the bottom right of the illo for a larger view.


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