Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"Post No. 606"


A week ago last Tuesday, Kentucky got hit with the worst ice storm seen since 1994. Hundreds of thousands of people were without electricity, and then to compound the situation, the electricty failed at our local water pump station putting thousands of households without water as well.

Never have I seen such a run on bottled water during that, and, although I personally was never completely without water, a boil water advisory went out until last Monday. This was finally lifted in my town, but it's still in effect for much of this county.

Kentucky's governor requested a disaster declaration for the entire state and it was granted, giving them the power to activate The National Guard. These guys are really angels bringing thousands of bottled water to needy people, plus going literally door-to-door to check on everyone. They are a very unappreciated bunch, as well as the many, many people who work for the electric and telephone companies, facing the bad weather in an attempt to restore power. Sure. I know they get paid for their work, but believe me, I personally wouldn't do it (or couldn't, for that matter).

My family and I were extremely lucky in the effect of having little or no real damage to our property. Several large limbs fell in our yard as well as that of my elderly mother (who lives down the street), but no lines were ever brought down and the most damage I had was one larger limb knocking a side gutter loose where I had to put that back up yesterday (when the weather gave us a little break temperature-wise). I was also able to get all of the larger limbs in both places hauled to the end of the road for city pickup and rake both entire yards of the tiny debris.

Our good neighbor from across the street came and sawed up anything that was too large for the city to mulch up to give to his son for burning wood. Some here in the neighborhood weren't so lucky.

An elderly lady across the street had half a tree fall, taking out most of her front pourch. Many old trees were lost.

State-wide there's been approx. 20 deaths attributed to this ice storm. The shelters have been over-filled. Many wonderful people have come even out of state to help in the clean up and rescue efforts.

Later this week we're supposed to finally have a little break in the low temperatures. I know, I've tried to get my mother to a doctor's appointment for a check up for the past two weeks now, and failed both times. First time the appointment fell on the day of the ice storm, and then this week, further north from us there was a good two inches of snow and ice on the roads to the point that we got about 20 miles from here and had to turn back and return home.

South-Central KY. doesn't have that much bad weather, even in the Winter, but man, if they do then it's a whopper!


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