Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Post No. 609"

"Happy 200th. Birthday Honest Abe!" You did well for an ol' Kentucky boy.

I'll have to admit that I've done a pretty good job at selling off my comic book duplication. I started off with around 750 comics and have now gotten down to approx. 200. This was, of course, due to multiple eBay listings mostly, but I did have one buyer who purchased three lots of 50 comics @, and then turned around and asked for an additional 3 lots which cleaned out a little over 300 (including the bonus books I just tossed in on the deal).

I think I'll re-list what I have left where a buyer can pick from the list a specific number of comics, and then I suppose whatever's left over will be consigned to my first yard sale this year (as the weather and any "extra" time permits).

The best upside to this, naturally, is that now I actually have some cash in my Paypal account and can buy ME something I really want. Oh...decisions...decisions..... Sumtimes dats the hardest part.

Well, okay. I did already buy me one thing I wanted. A copy in VG+ of the 1971 Jack Kirby magazine, Spirit World No.1, published by Hampshire at the same time Kirby was beginning his work in the 1970's for DC. It was one of two such he produced at that time, the other being In the Days of The Mob No.1 (which I already have). I'd been trying to complete a set of everything Kirby did between the time he left Marvel in '71, then returned to do covers after his DC stint. (I'm closing in on that set.)
Well, I got in that lot I had purchased of 40+ misc. comics. This lot includes The Ultimates 2 thru 13 complete, 25 or various issues of The Amazing Spider-man, all of which were written by J. Michael Straczynski, a copy of Thor Son of Asguard #2, World War Hulk 1 & 3, and Ultimate Secret #1. Now just maybe I can figure out what all the hub-bup is about with Marvel Comics these days. I'd heard quite a bit of good stuff regarding Straczynski's Spider-man, and recalled reading a couple of those and liking them, and of course, I can now finish up reading that first volume of The Ultimates and a couple more WW Hulk's (that I KNOW I like).

And hoo-zahh! A friend of mine's sending me 500 free slightly used comic book bags absolutely free! Maybe even some backing boards! And myself, not being one that's ever looked a "gift horse" (or, a gift bag, for that matter) in the mouth, I'll take them and appreciate them and maybe even get some of these loose comics I have around here in order for a change! Now I just need to buy me at least 7 long boxes and get them out of all of these Staples copy paper boxes (that are the overflow from my "long" boxes).

In other news...
Watched Obama's speech the other night. He seems to have a lot going on in his plans to fix some of the things in this country, but you know? I never heard any definate plans for such. All I kept hearing was words to the effect that "this and that" will have to be done, "this needs something", another needs "another something". The truth be told, he can't fix what's wrong with this country. No one man can do it. He'll have to have everyone in Washington on his side, and folks, that just ain'ta gonna happen. The country is going to have to fix itself.

Will people care enough to do this? I don't know. The really poor won't because they're too spoiled to getting everything just handed to them. When one gets it all for free, "why" work for it?

He mentioned getting health care to those unemployed, but still no mention to supplying health care to a lot of people that really deserve it, such as the lower middle-class which can't afford it as well as the elderly who many times have trouble even paying for their medicines. And when the middle-working-class gets too sick to work, we're only going to fall ever deeper into that bottomless pit because it's those people who are the backbone of this country's economic recovery. The retail people, the farmers, the small business owners. These are people who really need help currently, as well as all of these people who are still trying to just recover from this Winter's bad weather.

And, lastly here, just took my mom to see her heart doctor who's around 45 miles from this place. She got a fine report and won't have to go back for a good three months now. Stopped by Barnes &Noble and picked up copies of The Invincible Iron Man 9, Amazing Spider-man 684, & Detective 685. Also went by the old Waldenbooks location. Very sad to see it now closed up there in the mall with black plastic over the windows. Stepped into the "Hot Topics" store and looked at their "Watchmen" stuff. They have a zip up hoodie for $48.00, with large block lettering up one side in yellow, and the slogan, "Who Watches The Watchmen" on the reverse, as well as posters and keychains of the flick.


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