Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Post No. 630"

Looks like The Archie Superheroes may soon be coming back. Plans already for the return of The Shield, The Hangman and The Web; can The Fly and The Jaguar be far behind? Let's hope it's better than the previous effort from the !mpact Comics line DC did, as none of the characters were handled very well. I'm more for bringing back the original heroes with the original secret I.D.s and powers and in costumes more in keeping with the original concepts. DC hasn't had the best of records when trying to revive some old character. (I try my best to forget what they did to "The Fighting American".)

Well...overall, this has been a very depressing week for me and definately the worst vacation I've ever taken. It's rained every day which cancelled my big yard sale I was going to have Fri-Sat, rained out the local flea market this weekend, rained out much of the "city-wide yardsale" in a neighboring town, plus put a damper on my plans to even attend the sidewalk sale at a comic shop here on "Free Comic Book Day '09". In fact, I should have just gone ahead and worked every day instead, at least that way I'd gotten an extra week's paycheck. Now just watch. NEXT week the sun will be shining practically every day. (Thus is life, and sumtims, life just sucks.)

About the only thing I accomplished this week was getting around 17 boxes of comic books I have stored here in the pc room, mostly in copier paper boxes, alphabetized so "whenever" I do get around to buying some regular comic book long boxes, I can finally get those all organized. I only need around 200 backing boards having that finished as well.

And I did get to watch those three movies I previously reviewed. No comics I've won lately have come in; maybe today.


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