Monday, May 04, 2009

"Post No. 632"

Found a copy of Marvel Team-Up (Marvel) #24 (1974) which has a pairing of Spider-man with "Brother Voodoo". This is something like his 6th. app. after a stint in Strange tales 169-173. Not sure which came first; his app. in MTU or in the Marvel magazine, Tales of the Zombie , but it's from his first two years as an exisiting Marvel character. Didn't realize he went on to play parts in various other Marvel titles over the years, being what I always considered a memorable, though, second-stringer in the Marvel line of heroes. But a neat comic from Marvel written by Len ("Swamp thing")Wein and illustrated by Jim ("Supergirl" back-up stories in Action Comics in the 60's, etc.) Mooney from the days you could buy a comic book for twenty-five cents cover price.

And, as usual, I just blink my eyes and my vacation for the year is over, this being the last day before I go back to work. I start back again tomorrow, off Wednesday to take my mom to the doctor for her stomach "scoping", then back to work until next Monday. I noticed on this new work schedule that, since our Winter help's going back to her seasonal position elsewhere, two of us will have at least 2 days per week, per month, that we'll have to work by ourselves in retail, here at the beginning of the busiest time of the year (which makes absolutely no sense to me at all).

If the time at work went by as quickly as does the time off from such, you could just sneeze and it'd be vacation time once again. But that's just not the way it works.

So today, on this last day of regular posts, I took my mom to pay her insurance, get her medicine, get some stamps and do some shopping, and when my wife gets off from work we need to travel to a closeby town and pay some bills and do a little shopping. Then it'll be time for the evening meal, clean up, bed, and back to the grind.

My on line auctions have gone badly for the past three times I've listed on eBay now with vintage collectibles. Nary a hit or bid for the past month until a minunum bid on an item today, which shows that the only things someone wants are large amounts of "something" at a very low price. A week or so back I finally hit my 1,000th. Positive Feedback and got my Red Star, but it hasn't shown any difference in bidding so far.

Found three more J.T.Chick tracts I didn't have today, which brings my total to 104 in my collection (counting variations and foreign editions). Soon I'll either have to add holding sheets to the folder which holds these, or start a new one.

One comic I've won and axiously await is a copy of DC's The Brave & the Bold #25 (1959) which is the first app. of "The Suicide Squad". The copy I won is a low grade "reader", but still complete and a rather esoteric comic of a minor team from DC, but one that actually had (I think) 6 different app.'s in that title even though they never got one of their own. As I recall, Suicide Squad was the first silver-age team to appear in B&B. Number 23, which featured Joe Kubert's "Viking Prince", was the first issue of the title devoted to any single character, and after SS ran, #28 was the first app. of the 2ND. B&B team, "The Justice League of America". Sort of connection event between the two major key events in that comic.

Of course, the Silver-Age Suicide Squad is certainly unlike the one that followed, first appearing in the pages of the Legends limited series and then a title of its own in the 1980's (which, incidently, and I didn't know this until recently, contained the first app. of "The Oracle" character in issue #23).


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