Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Post No. 635 - 5 YEARS OF ELMO'S JUNCTION!"

Hullo. Dis is ~D.Puck's ol' pal, "BOOTZX" guest-hostin' da blog here t'day on it's 5th. Year Anniversary! Yeah. You've had t' put up wit' the ol' Puck' now fer 5 whole years, an' let's face it. Th' poor ol' sod is pretty pooped so he's takin' th' day off.

In th' meanwhile, I decided t' step in an' lend him a hand...ummm...paw tryin' t' think of somethin' different t' post here on dis "special day", an' decided t' show yooz guys an' dolls some previews of th' Bootzx Comic Book dat Puck's a'workin' on of my various adventures here in de world of you humans. As usual, all yuz has t' do is t' click ont'a th' image an' it'll come right up larger than life! Hope yez all like them, an' please remember dat all th' material is sole property of an' copyrighted by David E. Puckett an' can not be used without his permission. (T'anks!)

See yuz in de funny papers!


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