Monday, May 11, 2009

"Post No. 633"

This past week returning to work has been extremely hectic.

Par usual, it'll take me three weeks just to catch up after being off for a single week. We had three different tool orders come in to be pulled from the warehouse, taken over to retail where they all required updated pricing and stocking on the shelves. In this time since I've yet to even completely restock my shelves there of the merchandise which had sold from that week's absense. Tomorrow, when I go back again (this is my day off), I'll have to work on that.

Add to this the attempt to mow both my mom's and my own yards from two full weeks of off-and-on rain which had made the grass grow 6-8 inches. I began on that night before last by using the push mower on my own front and side yards. Then last night I mowed my mother's yards, save for the trim work, with the riding mower. I then took this mower up to my own back yard to discover that belts or some such thing had come loose, causing the blades to not mow, but gouge the yard instead, so I had to take that back and break out the push mower once again and completely mow my own large back yard with that. I got it done around 7 PM after getting off from work at 5PM.

Needless to say it was a very long day, especially considering that I had somehow miss-set my alarm clock and I awoke Sunday morning at 4:45 AM rather than 6:45, and had stayed up the duration. I'm not sure "who" to have fix this riding mower. My regular people for that have all retired from working on such here locally, and the only other way to have the mower repaired would be to load it up either on a trailer or pickup truck and take it "somewhere"; neither of which I have for that purpose, and there's no telling what someone would charge to come and get the mower and take it to their shop. (I can see right off that this is going to be one loooonnnnnggggg summer.)

In other things...

I won a lot of 2 dozen issues of Bongo Comics' Futurama (many early issues) and Radioactive Man. This lot is split evenly in numbers of each, and it apears that I may now have a full set of RM. I'm not a big fan of The Simpsons title from this company, but I do very much enjoy their other books so I'm sure that'll be a great lot to read.

I, as well, have another lot of approx. 30 misc. modern comics coming in, mostly Marvel, all of which are slated for review as I receive and read them.

Got in both The Brave & the Bold (DC) #25 (1959) and Our Army At War (DC) #174 (1966) in the past week. The B&B is the first app. of the original "Suicide Squad", which is a somewhat hokey tale in the early years of the Silver-Age where a team has been selected that does only suicide type missions when no one else can do them, and it involves the oceans boiling, from which a huge prehistoric "Godzilla-like" creature emerges to cause havok. Nothing seems to hurt this creature, of course. How all of these prehistoric creatures seem invunerable to rocket blasts and the like has always been a puzzle to me, but I suppose if they could all die pretty easy, there wouldn't be a good comic book story, huh?

The issue of OAAT was an unusual tale, where "Sgt. Rock" kills a german soldier to discover it was just a teenage boy, which drives Rock almost to the point of a nervous breakdown. He tears off his sgt. stripes and dons a medic's armband and refuses to fight anymore, and it takes seeing his command being struck down by enemy forces to put his mind back into gear and return to his old self. Different from the usual Rock story, and this issue sports the wonderful "Go-Go Checks" on the cover (which brings back many a fond memory of that time for me comic-collecting-wise).

Since I had to work on Mother's Day, I'm taking my own mom out to dinner today. Hope everyone else had a nice MDay. Always remember your mom; 'only got one of those.


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