Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Post No. 649"

That copy of Funny Folks (DC) #6 (2/3-47) finally came in, and the neatest part about an otherwise obscure humor comic from DC in the late 1940's, was a wonderful inside back cover in house advertisement (in B&W) of other titles with a Feb. (or Feb.-March), 1947 cover date, and ALL superhero titles! Click on the above image to bring this up to size where you can see them better. Clockwise, starting with the right corner, are: Star-Spangled Comics #65 ("Robin"), All-American Comics #82 ("Green Lantern"), Green Lantern #24, All-Flash ("The Flash") #27, Detective Comics ("Batman & Robin", and a PENQUIN cover, yet!) #147, Adventure Comics #113 ("Superboy"), Comic Calvacade ("Green Lantern, The Flash & Wonder Woman") #19, and Sensation Comics ("Wonder Woman") #62.

With this comic were three others the seller sent; sort of an "early birthday present", which included a lower grade copy of the Harvey The Spirit #1(1966) (which I already had a copy of but he sent so I could keep one in my regular collections and stick this copy in my collection of "Beatles mentions"), and a couple of early Classic Illustrateds in very nice shape. One, a #61 ("The Woman in White") from 1949, and the other #87 ("A Midsummer Night's Dream") from 1951, both of which were first printings! The odd thing to me about the latter is that "AMSN'sD" has a cover date of September, 1951, which means it was on the newstands probably in July of 1951, the month and year I was born, and the central character in this tale is "Puck". Did comic books herald my arrival? (*heh*)

Okay, in other things, my old push mower finally went ka-put. The mount that held the bolt from the gas tank to the motor broke and I couldn't get it reattached where it'd stay. I tried a little of everything from duct tape to bailing wire to "fix" the thing, but to no avail. Finally I got some strong wire to hold it in place but when I pulled the cord, THAT broke and went up into the head of the mower. That was the last straw, and the end of this Frankenstein lawn mower I've literally put together from other old mowers trying to keep it running for yet another Summer (it's at least 10-12 years old). I found a good used one with a 3.5 Murray motor for $60. and even if I get no more than the rest of this mowing season out of it, it's worth it.

Also today fairly early I went over to my mom's and trimmed her hedge. My late father ("bless his heart") was even worse than me at trying a quick-fix on something or another. The cord attached to the electric trimmers had been cut at least a half a dozen times and he kept taping it up with black electric tape. Today while trimming the hedges, it kept cutting out, and even sparking from shorts in the wire. I finally had my fill and removed all of the tape to try to fix the wiring and discovered that this cord wasn't even needed. He'd stuck a short, 3 ft. cord onto it, whereas all one had to do was plug a regular extension into the end. I took the cord off, threw it away, plugged a regular cord back in, and it was fixed like new. The hedge looks pretty damn good even if I say so myself.

Hoping something else might make it in today's mail.

P.S.: Almost forgot this. I'm looking to BUY issues of the first Moon Knight (Marvel) series. The one from 1980. I've only got a couple of these so any issues I'd be interested in if anyone out there has some for sale. (Thanks!)


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