Monday, June 07, 2004

"Ron, But Not Forgotten"

Sitting here, I'm trying to think about what to say regarding the passing of our ex-president, Ronald Reagan that others have not already expressed. Since there have already been so many other tributes and comments, all I can add is my own memory of the time in which he was in office.

I did not always agree with President Reagan's politics. I've never been a big supporter of the Republican point of view, and at the time he served in office, neither was I a conservative. I always thought he "cheated" President Carter a bit by taking the credit for the release of the hostages at that time, although news of their impending release was announced while yet Carter was still in office.

I always thought President Reagan was a bit of a "grand stander"; too much of an actual actor to make me take him serious as The Leader of This Nation. His whole two terms in office seemed to me nothing more than a fine photo session, especially for one who had been in the limelight of movies and television for so many years.

And yet, I always found it difficult to DISlike the man. When the assassination attempt happened on his life, I felt sorry for both he and Nancy, and wished him a speedy recovery. I was amazed at his ability to bounce back as quickly as he did. I found it hard "not" to watch him as he gave various addresses to The American Public. Indeed, he had a certain charm that made even those who might not be in agreement to his policies, listen to what he had to say. I admired his great efforts in ending The Cold War between us and The Soviet Union, which to me, was his greatest achievement and the one big factor of which he will be most remembered.

I liked him because he was an active and physical being. Even when he took breaks from his White House duties you'd see film coverage of him out on the ranch; the ever perpetual cowboy. He had leadership qualities that every person in his position of importance "needed" to have, and he had them well.

I ponder as to his various statements refering to extraterrestrial life. More than once he asked The American Public, and The World, if our differences would be so if confronted by a menace from outside this planet. And, I often wondered just how much more he knew that he wasn't allowed to say when it seemed he told us in his speeches to "read between the lines"; really wanting to tell us more, but knowing he could not due to feasible deniability.

Whatever secrets President Reagan had, he took to the grave, as would any good president. He didn't want to frighten us; he just wanted to lead us to a better tomorrow.

And, I think, with the forthcoming presidential election, it would be nice to see yet another president of his quality be The New Leader of This Nation.


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