Sunday, January 09, 2005

"That Was The Week That Was"

Okay, technically it's the beginning of the week, but it would seem ill fortune has a way of popping its ugly head in for several days at a time.

Let's see...first it started with a tooth breaking off that I'll have to have the remainder of extracted and yet another one added to my partial. Trying to get a dentist apointment for that this coming Tuesday.

Next came all the rain on Thursday and Friday which gave me a pleasant little surprize when I arrived home from work that day to discover a leak in the ceiling of my entrance way. It had soaked a couple of ceiling panels which I had to remove and get up the water out of the carpet, then today when the sun finally emerged and things had dried up a bit, I got up on my front metal roof and played "Spider-man" a while, putting new tar over the old seams to see if that would stop it. Haven't replaced the panels yet, but rain's back in the forecast for this coming week and I want to first see if it's fixed. No need in replacing panels just to have them ruined as well and have to repeat the process.

Then I cut the tip of my finger off while trying to fix a trailer light at work; add that to the list.

And this afternoon, being so otherwise nice, I was going to get out of the house for a while, but as I was entering the bathroom I heard the hot water heater running, which I thought rather curious since it'd been a couple of hours since any hot water had been used. So I went out and checked my water meter; sure enough, the dial was turning, which meant I may have a leak somewhere. So I went to the side of the house where the bathroom is located and noticed about a two pencil-width stream of hot water coming out of the over-flow pipe. I went back into the house and turned off the hot water at the heater and called a plumber friend of mine to descibe the situation. He said it wasn't too much to worry about; that either the "pop-off" valve ,or the "bladder" in the over-flow tank on top of the heater, had gone bad, and he told me just to leave it turned off until I needed hot water, then cut it back off again after I got what I did need and he'd check it out tomorrow or so.

So, it's always something.

But in Good News I DID hear back from the guy at that antique mall that owed me a buncha trade credit and he said he'd pull the books I'd put back, so maybe in the next few days I'll have me a LOT of new "reading" material. About the only bad thing I can think of with that would be that I'll have to buy me about 200-300 backing boards; thankfully they're all already bagged.

It won't be much longer until I'll be taking my annual "vacation from work" (HA!), and I do have to laugh at that a bit because everytime I have a vacation I end up working all week around the house trying to clean up/out this joint or the like. I already have plans and getting out in the storage shed and hauling out about 1/2 the contents to the dump, as well as the backroom, the utility room and the screened-in back porch (which is loaded down, too). Then I plan on giving this place a good once over cleaning-wise for the year.

Plus, I have 500-600 comics that need to be put alphabetically in long boxes, which usually takes about half a day. I'll probably not get any further than Bowling Green or Elizabethtown again this year, both of which are within 50 miles of home. All of that just depends on money situations, and of course, the all-important factor of time.


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