Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Day 2"

Ah! Looks like both my pics' and counter's back up and running! Good! Glad I didn't have to fix all of that again!

Went up to visit my father-in-law for a while today, and stopped by the antique mall while I was at it. A dealer there was going out of business and sold me well over 200 sci-fi paperbacks for less than a dime each. Went thru them and kept about half and probably sell the rest to "someone". Really didn't need to keep what I did as I've got, oh, 2000-3000 paperbacks around here and many I've still to read. Biggest problem I have in that's just finding a place to store them. I guess I have close to a 1000 right here on shelves in my computer room, and the rest crammed into a closet along with maybe 1000 VHS tapes. One'a these days that floor in the closet will end up in the crawl-space under the house from the weight!

Also got in the deal a 1976 Planet of the Apes plastic model. It's of an "ape soldier", and one I didn't have. I don't really collect models anymore, but it was cheap and pretty neat. Can't decide if I'll paint it (since it's assembled out -of- the- box) or just leave it be.

And I picked up a little over a dozen modern comics; issues I didn't have of DC's Animal Man, and the other two issues I still needed of the Congorilla Lmt. Series from a few years back. The Congorilla series, from what I read of it is okay. I was always a big fan of the "Congo Bill" character. he goes way back with his origins (I think) in the early 1950's when he had his own short-lived title. I got in on him when he appeared as a back-up feature (first in Action Comics PRE-"Supergirl") and followed his adventures all thru the time that he became the Golden Gorilla, "Congorilla". I haven't finished reading this series, so I hope they didn't ruin the character in any way for me.

So the 2nd. Day of my vacation went well, except that my car has been at the garage all day and I won't get it back until at least tomorrow, having the mechanic fix my back turn signals and brake lights, and maybe a wheel baring. Hope the repairs don't cost more than that car is worth! (*heh*)


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